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Bhuvan Bam's claim to fame is his channel BB Ki Vines that portrays relatable characters of a middle-class family.

His audience is mainly teenagers and young adults who consume his content on the daily, making his fan-base larger than that of a number of Bollywood celebrities as well.

Bhuvan started his channel with handful followers, playing various characters in the setup of a middle-class family based off of his own household, rose to fame because of his vines and has devout followers in India and neighbouring countries.

In addition to being a YouTuber, an entrepreneur with his brand 'Youthiapa', Bhuvan is also dabbling into music with his original compositions, which was originally the dream before he got into making videos.

The digital star recently collaborated with brands like 'Tissot' and 'Beardo' making him the only Indian YouTuber to engage with such distinguished brands.

Bhuvan is on his way to becoming the prime choice of brands when it comes to being the face of young, fun and trendy products.

Excerpts from an interview

What was the one event that inspired you to become a YouTuber? 

Before YouTube, I was performing at restaurants and this one time, I was checking the video quality of my Nexus 5 when I saw a peculiar news report. Floods had hit India and one lady lost her son; so this reporter asked her, "So how do you feel? You lost your son in the flood". I mean, how can you ask someone a question like that in a moment of loss? That is when I made a funny video on it and uploaded it on YouTube.

When you first started out were you embarrassed to tell people what you did?

No, I wasn't really embarrassed to tell people what I did but, it was difficult to explain to some people that I make videos for a living.

What is the best comment you've ever received?

Someone told me that their brother was bed-ridden in a hospital and the only thing that cheered him up was my 'BB Ki Vines' videos.

The star of all comments you can say, was also when Shah Rukh Khan said, "Bhuvan Bam is the finest talent the country has right now" on the Filmfare stage.

Who is your favourite YouTuber and why?

Rudy Mancuso is one of my favourite YouTuber because his channel is really entertaining. He puts out a variety of content and his concepts are great.

When did you first realise you were famous?

Well, I was once in the metro on my way back home and I was literally mobbed by viewers, who recognised me.

Looking back, what would you do differently?

Nothing. I have made many mistakes and they have been huge lessons for me, so I have no regrets.

On an average, how long does it take for you to put out a video?

It takes me almost 14 days to script once I have an idea because I go back and forth on it, work on the punches.

Once the script is ready, it takes me about 8 hours to shoot, edit and release the content because once I shoot it, I can't keep it to myself for too long, so it's a process where I go without eating my meals and just work on the content so that I can upload it immediately.

What do you do about nasty or negative commenters?

Sometimes, I let them be. I ignore them and don't give much thought into what trolls have to say. But, sometimes I reply with a comical comeback.

How do you come up with your skits or segments?

'BB Ki Vines' is all about exaggerated middle-class comedy, so I take inspiration from my own family because we're all dramatic.

Also, I observe a lot, so if I make a funny remark in a situation and it just works, I note it down for my scripts and I definitely look at trending topics as well, for my content.

Is there anyone you would like to partner with on a special episode?

Oh, I really want to have Mahendra Singh Dhoni on my show 'Titu Talks'. It will be so much fun, I'm a huge fan.

How was it to meet Johnny Sins?

Johnny had no airs about him you know. He was pretty chill about shooting with me and said he didn't even want a script.

We didn't eat anything for almost 8 hours out of which we shot for 4 hours, but he didn't frown even once, it was good.

What are your future plans?

To make more short films, more music; there are more music videos lined up.

I'm also writing a series that is an elongated version of 'BB Ki Vines'.

A lot of things are in the pipeline, some big episodes of 'Titu Talks' are also on the way. We are looking at carrying forward what I've created and make better content.

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