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The saying ‘Change is the only constant in the universe’ goes well with how this 37-year-old dint let her odds affect her from accepting the sudden change in her life and spread positivity.

Santoshi, a Hyderabad based IT professional has been fighting against odds and trying to live a positive life. She through her Youtube channel that has around 40 videos, tries to spread positivity and help people calm themselves in any situation

The saying 'Change is the only constant in the universe' goes well with how this 37-year-old dint let her odds affect her from accepting the sudden change in her life and spread positivity.

Santoshi Naropanth, an IT professional from Hyderabad goes by her Youtube name 'Yours Truly San' literally liver her life just like that. Santoshi was diagnosed with Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, a genetically and clinically heterogeneous group of rare muscular dystrophies. Santoshi was a joyful dancer, singer and swimmer, but life bought a drastic change in her life which was not easy.

Santoshi shares, "I was caught in the throes of the chikungunya epidemic. The fever subsided quickly but the pain continued to get worst. Doctor realised that these weren't the after effects of Chikungunya and was diagnosed with this rare disorder which left me and my family in a state of shock."

The once joyful girl next door got extremely depressed, making it difficult for her to accept and adapt it. Later when she met her cousin who started telling her real-life stories of people who despite facing physical challenges, created a happy and successful life. This bought a little confidence within her. The idea of using a wheelchair, made her feel uncomfortable. She was scared about the people's perception and change in their attitude when she would go out in her wheelchair.

However, hearing the inspiring stories by her cousin, Santoshi got the courage and realized that her zeal to live a life and be successful was stronger than her fears.

She adds, "At the start, I faced immense societal pressure and faced a new challenge every day.My decision to keep going on made it possible for me to look beyond the struggles. I started going out once again and met people who were facing similar challenges and realized that acceptance indeed is a key to magical life."

The 21-day challenge

Santoshi has started a 21-day 'Micro thought provoking challenge' on her Youtube channel. In the challenge, she comes up with a new thought which might help us transform ourselves into a better person.

She shares,"The idea behind this challenge is that we have become impatient and we complain about every small thing, instead of being grateful for what we have. According to a research, it takes 21 to 28 days for a midset to change. The challenge is uploaded at 6pm daily on my channel. I want more and more people to slow down, stay calm, introspect and enjoy their lives. We have had a super tough 2020 year. All we can do is to hope and pray for the best in this 2021 year."

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