Cheer up your home decor with sustainable products

Ami Sata, founder of Amouve

Ami Sata, founder of Amouve


Sustainability would be the face of the future. It is crucial to think of how things are made, how they are used and how they can be recycled

Sustainability would be the face of the future. It is crucial to think of how things are made, how they are used and how they can be recycled. Nowadays, interior designers place a lot of importance on green design and sustainable decor. Sustainability is the process of using resources to meet the demands of the present generation without compromising the needs of the future generation. Sustainability begins at home. It implies using sustainable materials, recyclable fixtures and eco-friendly equipment to decorate your living space.

Ami Sata, founder of Amouve, organic bedding and bath brand in India said, "You may adopt a minimalistic or lovely clutter approach. You can bring sustainability through any design approach."

Houseplants and terrariums

A green space is very relaxing and airy. However, most houses are apartments with little or no greenery around. You could design your living space with small pots of plants hanging from the ceiling or include a diverse terrarium full of plants in your living room. They balance the lighting in the room and make the space more breathable. It flushes out the toxic elements from the room. It encourages you to be more nurturing, caring and patient. For those who live alone, fostering house plants are a great way to jazz up your living space and also develop a sense of responsibility.

Organic cotton bed sheets and towels

Organic cotton bed sheets are made with utmost care, free from any toxic chemicals. Organic bed sheets are sustainable and recyclable. They are also very eco-friendly. They use up less resources during preparation and maintain their quality throughout use. They are the perfect touch of that pristine, crisp and neat flavor to your room. Along with pure organic cotton bed sheets, opt for organic pillows like those made of natural tree grown Kapok fiber and Neem infused herbs.

Organic cotton towels are also recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly. They are manufactured without any harmful substances. They are available in a variety of colours. You could hang a string of lights or junk knick knacks over them or beside them. However, keep the colour combination of the room in mind. If your walls are in pastel shades, you ought to choose warm tones of towels.

Knick knacks and accessories

You could include a variety of recyclable and sustainable artifacts in your room. You could include lamp shades made of paper pulp, wooden jars or shelves made of reclaimed wood, handmade paper pads, rugs made of jute, etc. These would add a degree of oomph and class to your room. It would also fulfill your sustainability and environment goals. Installing a light dimmer would highlight parts of the rooms and also save energy. You could support your local artists by buying their artwork and keep craftsmanship alive. Sustainability is a choice. It is based on small changes. Little changes pave the way for a big impact.

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