Climbing stairs of success

Climbing stairs of success

All of 24, Manvi Chaudhary is a passionate entrepreneur and founder of Pier 38, a conceptual restaurant. Manvi says she constantly tries to create more employment opportunities and stresses upon using biodegradable materials in her outlet...

Young entrepreneur Manvi Chaudhary, founder of Pier 38 in Cyberhub, Gurgaon, is the recipient of 'Young Achievers Award' at the 6th World Women Leadership Awards.

Manvi pursued Economics and Political Science from the prestigious Miranda House College of Delhi University and later did her Masters from the University of Bath, UK, pursuing Entrepreneurship & Management, her vision got clearer and she equipped herself with tools to achieve her goals.

All she needed now was a little familiarity with the F&B sector and that's why decided to work for two years after her post-grad. Then came the day when she realised that it was time to take a big step and thus, founded Pier 38. She comes from a family with a restaurant background and business.

Ever since Pier 38 came into existence, she has been following a demanding learning curve. As someone who takes every challenge in her stride, Manvi gradually mastered each skill required to run a restaurant and in retrospect, it's her involvement in minute details that made her venture a roaring success in a short span of time.

Even while leading a big team, she looks after the daily finances and keeps strategising marketing campaigns to take Pier 38 to newer heights. While at work, she entirely immerses herself in different aspects of the restaurant like from menu designing and plating to music and décor.

Excerpts from an interview

Tell us about your cafe.

We specialise in Indian and Arabic food, we do cocktails that are different and unique. Our food menu is such that you could enjoy those items with the drinks. We are not a loud dance place, but we have a really nice chill-out ambience.

What challenges did you face?

There were a lot of challenges. To start the place also seemed difficult. Doing the new thing that I have never done before, I was given the freedom of doing everything by myself and my father did not intrude on anything.

I leant a lot at that time basically everything from scratch. Even when we started the place we did something new every day like vendors, staff management, guests and ambience which was a challenge and still continues to be.

Another challenge was there was another cafe that opened up just 500 meters from our place which was a struggle as there were no sales. I cannot forget that and I learnt a lot from that experience.

How supportive was your family?

They were extremely supportive, I do not know-how but then they have never objected the way I worked. They have encouraged me for whatever I want and it is just so natural that I don't realise it.

Drawing from your experience what tips would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

I would just say that it is a full-time job and it is something where you have to put a lot of work hard. The restaurants do not just become what they are now.

You need to put your heart and soul to it. Anyone who wants to get into it has to put a lot of hard work and be happy with what you are doing.

What are your future plans?

I have a lot of things in mind and a lot of new concepts as well. I would also love moving this business to other cities as well so everything is in the pipeline.

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