Connecting mothers for parenting

Connecting mothers for parenting

Members of an online group ‘Moms of India’ had a fun outing discussing parenting issues and playing games

Facebook group 'Moms of India' (MOI) had a fun outing with members of the Hyderabad chapter coming together at Gazebo restaurant in Banjara Hills. MOI began its Hyderabad activities a year ago with Lalitha Deepthi Mutta and Bharati Kosuru as the Admins.

It was a wonderful Sunday experience for over 30 mothers and their children who spent time meeting every member. The outing witnessed women discussing parenting issues, a fashion walk by the members and games for the children.

Brought together as an exclusive group for her friends by Chemistry lecturer and mother of twins, Erum Saeed, in 2016, 'Moms of India' today commands an overwhelming member-strength of 1.5 lakh mothers drawn from 14-15 States but based all over the globe.

According to Erum Saeed, "It was founded essentially to connect young mothers together to help discuss about parenting. It has been so well received that today, thanks to dynamic women from various categories and professions, we have become multi-dimensional as we strive to empower mothers."

The MOI Admin points out that 'MOI will be every mother's Google, doctor, teacher, nurse, motivator and guide, irrespective of in which city one is staying."

"We extend all kinds of support to the members, and more so when mothers need help or have a query. It is so well received and attended so diligently that soon as a request comes, hundreds of experienced moms come up with suggestions and ideas.

That apart, members from the city from where the queries have been posted will personally visit the mother's home and provide assistance and guidance.

The idea is giving comfort to every new mother and boost her confidence that help is around the corner."

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