How to take care of your lips?

How to take care of your lips?

How to take care of your lips?


Human lips are a tactile, and delicate sensory organ. Lips don’t have sebaceous glands, which mean that unlike the other areas of your skin that don’t produce their own protective oil

Human lips are a tactile, and delicate sensory organ. Lips don't have sebaceous glands, which mean that unlike the other areas of your skin that don't produce their own protective oil. Lips also get thinner as you get older the body produces less collagen, causing them to lose their plumpness.

Jasdeep Singh Chadha, Founder and CEO, Seer Secrets says, "It is important to take care of your lips and it's high time when you have cracked lips and cold sores are concerned. Post all the digging; we're pretty convinced that exfoliating and masking your pout is your one-way ticket to elegant, pillowy lips. It's possible."

Thus, without further ado, he listed some simple lip care tips that promise to reveal perfectly primed lips.

Drink plenty of water - For dry lips

Dry lips are an indication of dehydration. Dry, cold air and central heating can wreak havoc on your body's hydration levels, so keep your skin and your lips moist by sipping plenty of water throughout the day.

Lip saviour – Natural and herbal product

Natural fruits and herbs work extremely well on dry lips. Natural herbal lip care products with ingredients such as watermelon, coconut, and turmeric. These fruits and herbs have enough water to keep your lip hydrated.

Lip scrub - For tanned and pigmented lips

Treat pigmented or tanned lips to a natural scrub. To give UV rays protection to your lips. Choose rambutan, dates, and lip scrub. It will not only brighten your lips but also make yours pout free from flake, roughness, and parches.

Lip mask- To replenishing your lips

Apply coconut or lemon balm and mask on your lips for a kissable pout without a slick of a scented moisturising lip like butter, so keep your lips nourished all day long.

Lip plumper- For chapped lips

To avoid chapped lips and to penetrate nourishment and get it locked into the lips. Apply flavoured natural ingredient products containing raw mango, paprika, and mint lip plumper. These ingredients help in reducing happiness by softly sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal fresh and revived lips.

Blush it up - Give your lips a natural boost

To give your lips a perfect blush of nature and nourishment. Sometimes it becomes difficult to carry makeup palettes, packs of brushes, and lipsticks with you. It works multi-purposely. Blush It Up tint that can be a great replacement for your makeup. Moisturise your lips and cheeks with an oil-free look. It works as a natural blush on your skin. Lip and cheek tint are multi-tasking. It is easy to apply and handy. You can use this blush it up Tint anytime you leave for outside.

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