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The mention of Christmas is incomplete without the mention of food.

The mention of Christmas is incomplete without the mention of food. Wondering how to safe guard your health amidst the merry making? This secret is to take charge of the Christmas cooking and enhance your family's health. Here are a few wholesome foods I will be serving for Christmas dinner and you should too -

Pumpkin- walnut soup

This festive soup, rich in flavours is the perfect entrée. Fibre and Anti-oxidants from pumpkin and the healthy fats from walnut make this a hearty combination.


You are bound to watch a Christmas movie and snack on some goodies while you are at it. Before you use up all the popcorn to decorate your tree, save some of the low calorie snack to munch on. Cinnamon coated nuts like almonds and cashews are a great way to get in protein and food fats.

Barbequed sweet potato

A side of potato is integral for any grand meal and this one is no exception. Sweet potato is low on the glycaemic index and full of Vitamin A and C.Barbeque it with your favourite seasoning and enjoy!

Spiced wine

On this joyousoccasion, many would like to celebrate with some red wine. I would suggest that you make some spiced wine by bringing red wine to a boil and adding cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange peel to the mix. The spices in this concoction act as digestive aids which are much needed after this Hedonistic meal.


Give into your sweet tooth and indulge in these desserts guilt free. Asstrawberry is in season, dress it up with some yogurt and you have yourself a probiotic and fibre rich strawberry and cream. Another popular dessert we make at home is overnight soaked prunes and figs. This digestive cleanser is a truly a guest favourite.


Here arrives the star of show. Turkey is a lean meat with less animal fat and can be lightly roasted to give you a juicy main that is high in protein and full of flavour. Another protein rich option is a baked fish placed on a bed of lemon and fresh herbs. For those would prefer to skip out on the meat, you could do a hearty shepherd's pie stuffed with vegetables, lentils and a fluffy potato top.

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