Style it for summer

Style it for summer

Hairstyles to flaunt your inner fashionista

Summertime is not exactly kind for your hair, but that does not mean you have to slog through three months of bad hair days.

The weather is getting hot and so are the hot trends for this summer and these hairstyles will definitely have you celebrating summer in style.

Easy knotted ponytail

The easy knotted ponytail is definitely one of the easy and coolest summer hairstyles. Add an interesting element to your simple ponytail with this knotted ponytail. Some days you just don't want to open your hair due to this hot weather so this look is perfect for you.

Braided updo

This hairstyle is pretty adorable and if you have some grown out bangs then it looks absolutely beautiful. It is super easy and looks pretty cool on every type of hair.

A ponytail with height

It is time to mix up the mundane so spice up the plain old ponytail with this hairstyle. It is a great way to style your hair for almost any occasion and can be done in minutes.

Twisted updo

This one's a little complicated but it is so ideal with an elegant, backless dress for any event. The updo looks gorgeous on any hair and keeps your hair out of your way for the day.

Twisty buns

Twisty bun is a neat way to tame out of control curly hair in this hot season. It can be styled with a daytime outfit or going out at night.

Best of all, it only takes about five minutes to style. It is the perfect summer hairstyle both pulled together and effortless.

Easy breezy braid

Effortless soft waves with a simple braid create a perfect look for this summer. It is super easy to achieve although no one will ever believe it with how fabulous it looks.

Vintage Vamp

Striking vintage rolls with imperfect curls updates this vintage classic for a fun look this summer. This hairstyle looks best in wavy or curly hair.

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