The quieter zone

The quieter zone

Hyderabad-based artist Sabita Lakshmanan says she recreates life in her paintings

Artist Sabita Lakshmanan's solo show, 'The Quieter Zone' at the Alliance Française Hyderabad displays her works that she says are blurred between the art she creates and the life she lives, so much so she wonders where one stops and the other begins.

The expressionist artist that she is, says, her works manifest a reflection of –"Human relationships and emotions, the increasing complexity of being human in relation to the spaces within and the spaces we share; surrealistic dreams, aspirations and introspection of sharing resources and our responsibilities to the planet, dreaming of an inclusive world, connecting to myself in space, within, without and beyond; and my response to everyday life and happenings through this miraculous body which I see as a medium to experience and express the life I lead."

The artist in her reacts to the world around her. She relates, "Many a time in life, we experience things in a mechanical manner without paying attention to the deeper patterns that keep time with and enable the daily hustle-bustle of life.

These patterns are lost in a world speeding by as the infinite demands of our life jostle with a maze of distractions created by rapid urbanization, social media and technology."

Explaining Quieter Zone – a space that allows for unwinding, and is the title of her current exhibition, "Some people go for a walk or cook or relax, which is their quieter zone; what we do in our quieter zone will allow us to do go about our daily routine and work.

Why are we not collapsing at the end of the day of stress? It is because we find time for yourself - it could be that we sleep or relax. Even age is a quieter zone, I feel," shares Sabita.

She displays 60 works at her ongoing exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Hyderabad. The idea came to her because she spends lot of time observing people.

She is always inspired by the endless possibilities in an ordinary day, and is"fascinated with everything one can see, hear, feel, touch, sense and live through this miraculous body".

"For me, the body is just a medium to celebrate the brilliant design of nature and my art is a dimension to express the life I leads.

my work is a free-flowing celebration of nature within me and all around, of which I aware as a part as well as the whole," she adds.

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