Use but don't abuse

Use but dont abuse

It is best to have these foods in limited quantities as it would counter act therapeutic benefits

"Less is more" this holds true for even foods that are 'good for you'. Just because some foods are considered beneficial for health, doesn't mean you could devour them endlessly.

They too need be consumed with caution as too much of a good thing is also a bad thing. Here are a few foods that are commonly used but should not be miss-used.


– I celebrate this fragrant bark for its endless therapeutic benefits. Earthy and sweet, it contains a compound that lowers sugar levels, regulates blood pressure and reduces inflammation. Before you ingest a spoonful of cinnamon like the trends on social media, let me caution you. When had in amounts larger than a few grams, it has the potential to cause mouth sores, breathing problems, and burn through your stomach lining. I believe, a tiny pinch mixed in good fat is all you need.

Green Tea

Through the years I have got clients of varied faith but with one common belief- Green Tea is the Cure-all. They justify drinking multiple cups a day to its anti-inflammatory properties and metabolism enhancing effect. I educate them that an excessive amount can lead to high caffeine intake and severe acidity. So keep a cap on the cuppa before you get jittery.


I describe yogurt as "condensed happiness" and rightfully so. Full of serotonin enhancing probiotics, it's a great mood booster. So what's wrong with this protein packed snack? The sugar and artificially flavoured variety is terrible for obvious reasons but excessive yogurt can also cause inflammation and act as a respiratory irritant.


Honey, Honey how you thrill me… ha ha honey. As this '70s crooner suggests, honey is everyone's beloved and healthy as well. Right?! Not entirely. Honey is an unrefined sugar but it is still sugar. It must be used with caution by diabetics as it causes blood sugar spikes. As it isn't as sweet as table sugar, we tend to overuse it.


Cooped up at home, I am reminiscent of my travels especially my trip to Japan. Devouring all the regional delicacies, I was vary of the heightened soybean usage. It is a great source of plant-based protein and is said to be anti-inflammatory. But there have been studies linking excess soy intake to heightened oestrogen levels, breast cancer risk and thyroid dysfunction. I strongly advocate soy in its fermented form.


I know, you probably think I have lost the plot by including pulses in this list. This protein packed, nutrient treasure trove holds a special place for us all Indians. But excessive use of pulses can lead to flatulence and even constipation. Intake of large amounts at a given time can pave the way for acidity, gout and kidney damage. It is best to have these foods in limited quantities as it would counter act the therapeutic benefits.

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