8th Edition of TEDx IIM Rohtak Focuses on Comebacks

8th Edition of TEDx IIM Rohtak Focuses on Comebacks

The Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak hosted the 8th edition of TEDx IIMRohtak themed around “comeback chronicles”.

IIM Rohtak: The Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak hosted the 8th edition of TEDx IIMRohtak themed around “comeback chronicles”. The speakers included a diverse array of visionaries from various parts of India who ignited thought-provoking discussions that had the potential to catalyze meaningful transformation. TEDx became another significant event in the institution’s aspiration of hosting events that challenge conventional thinking and inspire positive change. The event emphasized the strength that comes from being resilient, the power that comes from learning from failures, and the beauty that comes from accepting differences.

The speakers included Jyoti Bhardwaj, entrepreneur, and founder of TeaFit; Vikaas Gutgutia, founder of Ferns and Petals; Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya Boddapati, leader of an all-women's crew that successfully circumnavigated the globe; Santosh Yadav, first woman to summit Mount Everest twice; Kevin Zingkhai, content creator with over 500,000 followers; Aatman Desai, content creator of humorous skits and Sakshi Keswani, a digital content creator celebrated for entertainment videos.

The illustrious speakers focused on the various drawbacks they have faced in their lives and the paths they have followed to overcome the same. Bharadwaj underscored the significance of self-reflection and impartial self-assessment in identifying solutions to obstacles.

Gutgutia asked listeners to focus on their core strengths and bring on partners that complement his skills in managing and risk-taking. Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya stressed on the need to overcome one’s fears by engaging in activities that arouse anxiety in us. Santosh suggested that we can overcome obstacles by focusing on personal growth rather than competition. Kevin underscored the role of optimism in overcoming personal tragedies. Aatman and Sakshi narrated how self-awareness of their strengths and weakness enabled them to continue on the less-trodden path.

The salience of resilience is most dramatically illustrated in near-death encounters. Drawing on their rich experiences, Santosh and Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya described how they had surmounted life threatening circumstances. Santosh recounted her near-death experience on Everest, where she summoned extraordinary calm, belief in her abilities, and determination during a solo 23-hour descent to safety and subsequent recovery. Lt. Cdr. Aishwarya highlighted how her courage, resilience and never-say-die attitude enabled her to survive a fierce 20-hour long storm in the Pacific Ocean during her global circumnavigation journey.

The role of entrepreneurship in creating jobs and driving growth cannot be under-estimated. However, the path of entrepreneurship is inherently risky. Both Jyoti and Vikaas highlighted the importance of being committed to one’s vision to overcome the daily setbacks that are part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s life. Jyoti highlighted the role of an inspiring vision – eradicating unhealthy drinks and promoting a healthier lifestyle – in her journey. She stressed on the importance of creativity, resilience, and self-confidence for an entrepreneur. Vikaas stated that adaptability to new ideas, an appetite for measured risk-taking, and the willingness to rewrite the rules and step outside one's comfort zone were essential in making Ferns and Petals, India's top gifting brand.

In the internet age, any talented person has the potential to tell his/her story to the entire world. However, the democratizing of access comes up with its own set of problems. Given the limited attention span of people, most aspiring influencers and content creators end up as failures. Kevin,. Aatman and Sakshi underscored the role of passion, open-mindedness, and resilience in making a mark as a content creator. Both Kevin and Sakshi emphasized the importance of persistence by mentioning how one of their videos went viral after numerous failures. Aatman mentioned that the importance of passion in the life of an internet influencer, which has more lows than highs during the initial phase.

In conclusion, TEDx IIM Rohtak drew upon various inspiring speakers across different domains such as adventure; entrepreneurship and digital creation. Despite the differences in their fields and the resultant variances in the type of challenges, all of them underscored the role of resilience in overcoming the barriers that inhibit us from realizing our dreams.

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