Artificial Intelligence courses: Developing tomorrow's leaders

Artificial Intelligence courses: Developing tomorrow’s leaders

Artificial Intelligence courses: Developing tomorrow’s leaders 


Our whole survival depends on technology in this digital age we live in today. Technology is the driving force in all aspects of our lives, whether they be personal or professional, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed.

Our whole survival depends on technology in this digital age we live in today. Technology is the driving force in all aspects of our lives, whether they be personal or professional, from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed. AI plays a significant role in our lives, whether it is through receiving purchase recommendations on e-commerce platforms, recommendations on OTT platforms, or even emails. And to top it all off, the pandemic's effects have been so profound that digital has become the turning point for enterprises. They have been eager to go through digital changes in order to meet problems and get an advantage in the market. This is increasing the need for employees who are tech savvy and can propel organizational growth.

Artificial intelligence's increasing influence across industries

Among the wide range of technologies accessible, AI is anticipated to be creating a name for itself in a variety of fields. It is assuming center stage and revolutionizing every sector of the economy, including banking, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, and education. While end-to-end automated processes are made possible by AI, its subdomains, such as Machine learning, Data and image analytics, also have a variety of uses.

Automating corporate activities, getting insights through data analysis, and interacting with customers and workers are the three main goals that AI is accountable for achieving. For instance, AI is revolutionizing disease diagnosis in the healthcare industry, particularly with picture analysis. It is essential for the development of new drugs as well as for using data analytics to expedite the trial process. AI even enhances the job of medical assistants who assist patients with daily care needs and enables wearable technology to check health issues remotely. In actuality, NLP is also converting the unrecognizable doctor's notes into structured data. Regarding the banking and finance industry, AI aids in the detection of insurance risk, fraud prevention, identification of the greatest investment opportunities, and even offering the best financial advice.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a wide range of applications in the education industry, and it assesses the learning gaps that exist and provides personalized learning solutions to the students, enhancing their effectiveness. AI frees up the time of the teachers by automating the repetitive chores so they may concentrate on their primary duties, like monitoring student progress and raising the bar for educational quality. Artificial intelligence has made education a 24/7/365 idea, and even educational information has become dynamic and interesting. The system allows for real-time communication with numerous pupils at once, dispelling their worries in real-time while acting as virtual assistants and AI tutors. Overall, it is true to state that AI is enhancing not only the lives of the general public but also transforming the face of several industries and enhancing the operations of enterprises across different industries.

The talent-skill gap is being addressed through management schools

But the truth is that we face a shortage of talented professionals. This suggests that the talents skill is important. Potential employees lack digital skills, particularly in AI, which is predicted to be the future of both the country and the sectors.

AI-based management courses' applicability to students

Artificial intelligence technology enables organizations to personalize and tailor experiences and operations to increase consumer loyalty and engagement. It is becoming more popular with companies in many industries. Students seek PGDM programmes in artificial intelligence in order to become the leaders of the future who are AI-ready. They can get skill sets that will enable them to handle the complexity of the actual world by enrolling in AI-based training programmes offered by the B-schools. They will also learn how the solution is strategically applied to drive growth, conversions, and revenue.

Artificial intelligence-based education: A successful method for developing tomorrow's managers and leaders

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), India's AI market will be worth $7.8 billion by 2025 and expand at a CAGR of 20.2 percent. The country's AI software industry is anticipated to develop at a CAGR of 18.1% starting in 2020, but the AI services sector is anticipated to expand at 35.8%. All of these statistics show that as the market expands, it will also result in the creation of youth-focused AI-based jobs. The World Economic Forum predicts that AI will eventually lead to a variety of new work vocations. Data Scientists, experts in AI and machine learning.

Management studies based on AI: The popular course

According to recent research from McKinsey, the adoption of artificial intelligence is considerably increasing along with the rise in digitization. This percentage is greater in Indian businesses than in APAC, and the survey also shows that AI's future prospects are anticipated to be bright. As a result, it is anticipated that business investments in AI would increase during the next 3 years. This tendency will undoubtedly increase demand for personnel who have the necessary training and work experience to benefit the organization. And this is why students would favor AI-based management studies.

(The author is Chauhan, Dean (Corporate Relations), Professor IT)

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