Learnorama's Tech Generation Organized Summer Camp at GD Goenka School

Learnoramas Tech Generation Organized  Summer Camp at GD Goenka School

  • High School Students Design E-Commerce Website
  • This Students Applying for the Youngest Entrepreneur Award This Year

Hyderabad: Learnorama Technologies is excited to announce the successful completion of the Tech Generation Summer Camp at GD Goenka School. This innovative camp, designed for primary and high school students, provided a unique platform for young minds to explore and develop their skills in various disciplines.

The primary school students engaged in a diverse array of activities, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. The activities included: Chess, Dance, Art and Craft, Science Experiments, Junior Photography, Digital Storytelling, Communication Skills.

These activities aimed to nurture the intellectual and artistic talents of the young participants, ensuring a well-rounded development.

High school students delved into the exciting world of artificial intelligence and its applications across different fields. The activities included: Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Coding, Culinary Arts, Microsoft Tools, Music, Marketing & Using AI Tools.

A notable highlight of the camp was the high school students' project on website design. Each group created different business and services websites, showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit and technical skills. Particularly, students from the 8th and 9th grades are set to launch an e-commerce website. In a commendable show of support, GD Goenka School has committed to purchasing products from this student-run venture.

This achievement is a testament to the students' hard work and ingenuity. As a result, these young entrepreneurs are applying for the Youngest Entrepreneur Award this year, and we anticipate several more accolades to follow.

Learnorama Technologies is proud to have facilitated this enriching experience and looks forward to continuing to support the next generation of innovators and leaders.

Attend This Event Gd Goenka school under the aegis of Shri Shiva Ganga Educational Society which is under the flagship of Mr Shiva Kumar Thota (Chairman) and Mrs Nivedita (Managing Director), Mrs Jagadishwari Nataraj Principal, Mrs Richi Dastani

Operations Head and Dr padala karthik reddy Business Head Learno rama technologies

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Learnorama Technologies Pvt Ltd is dedicated to providing cutting-edge educational experiences that empower students to excel in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Through camps, workshops, and specialized programs, Learnorama nurtures young talent, preparing them for future success.

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