Will dual degree system benefit students?

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In the spirit of New Education Policy-2020 which calls for multidisciplinary and flexible mode of education for all, UGC announced a dual degree programme for both UG and PG levels on April 12. The facility, available across all courses or combination of courses, is expected to help students get two degrees simultaneously and thus improve their employment opportunities. When The Hans India spoke to people on the issue, many agreed that benefits outweigh the demerits of the new system

Students can have diverse career options

UGC has announced Dual Degree Programme in its new National Education Policy (NEP) to allow a candidate to pursue two degree programmes in physical mode simultaneously at both the undergraduate and post graduate level. A student pursuing a bachelor's in science in Mathematics will also be able to take up a BSc in Data Science simultaneously. A student will get a better chance of employment because he/she will have a qualification in two different subjects and will have an edge over the rest in the job market. A dual degree will enhance the multi-disciplinary knowledge base which will also help the students to be much more versatile in a real-life working environment thus improves the chance of employment. A student with Dual degrees in hand will have a diverse carrier options. Global industries are interested in those candidates who are having multi-talents.

-Prof. Gandham Srinivasa Rao, Director & Professor, Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science & Technology(SBIT), Khammam

NEP creates many platforms

NEP opens avenues for multi-disciplinary education in the emerging scenario of inter-disciplinary technological advancements in the world NEP aims to blur the hard lines of separation between different fields like science and arts. It facilitates students to opt different disciplines as per his or her passion. Simultaneous pursue of different degrees helps in moulding the careers of students as per the demands and trends of the industry. By these features NEP produces globally competent students. Apart from that, it also focuses on education in native languages, which actually helps students learn easily without bothering about language barriers. The online paradigm of education erasing the barrier of physical distance bringing the high-quality education in to the door steps of rural students.

-Dr John Babu, vice-principal, Vijaya Engineering College, Khammam

DD is good move

Dual degree is a very good development. Boundaries of pushing students in a particular field will be erased with the Dual Degree system under New Education Policy -2020. The dual degree course helps the students to explore more interesting fields of their choice and can attain better results. Examination based system will be replaced by a skill based system which gives more scope for the students to opt for multiple courses in a single go further it helps students to get wider job sources.

-Nivas, Post Graduate, Nalgonda

Students can pursue two different courses together

Double degree programme allows you to pursue two different courses together and get the experience of both in lesser time than it would have taken to study them one after the other .With this the students can end up saving at least one year which they can advance their career by taking a job .Dual degree opens up better job options as the companies find it perfect that a candidate comes trained in different areas like management and technical skills. Students with this degree will stand out during the placements and leads a good career opportunity. Dual degree opens the door for a variety of careers .Dual degree results in greater career advancement opportunities. Many students can gain profit with this initiative in order to pursue their respective careers .

-Shakunthala Markonda, Asst. Prof. Economics, Govt. Degree College for Women, Karimnagar

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