CAA protests: manufactured & idiotic

CAA protests: manufactured & idiotic

Indians should be proud of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for taking huge initiatives in the last seven months, to resolve...

Indians should be proud of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah for taking huge initiatives in the last seven months, to resolve issues which badly required resolution for the past 70 years.

Governance leadership is all about taking initiatives and solving problems of the nation. The incumbent government is doing exactly what it has been re-elected for with a clear electoral mandate in 2019.

Abrogation of Article 370, banning the practice of Triple Talaq, Ayodhya Ram Mandir resolution and the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 are a few resolutions accomplished for addressing long standing issues plaguing this nation for decades.

Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is a simple, limited and one-time legislation, which reduces the 11 years residency requirement to five years for minority refugees who are religiously persecuted from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. This piece of legislation is not just legal and constitutional but ethical and humane too.

The BJP and the Central government has clearly communicated both in Parliament and outside, this legislation brings closure to the issues raised during and post partitioning of India.

It is a decision to be taken, which was the responsibility of Indian government since 1947, and was being evaded by successive governments for electoral and political reasons.

The Modi government has taken this initiative to deliver on the promises made by leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Guljarilal Nanda and many others.

In fact, the entire nation should rise and praise this magnanimous initiative, which provides succour to lakhs of our own countrymen and women, who after partition have lost their fundamental rights in the neighbouring countries and suffered for decades, trusting that Indian government would keep their commitment to rescue them.

After 70 long years, it is the BJP government, which has come to their rescue. India has at last delivered its commitment to its own people.

It is downright silly and idiotic for the Opposition parties to make it a divisive domestic issue, when there is none. It is the case of 'much ado about nothing'.

As Hindus are not minorities in India, Muslims are not minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, the point of their exclusion in CAA 2019 doesn't even arise.

One can wake up those who are really asleep, but no one can wake up those who pretend to be asleep. The height of political opportunism and desperation is driving the Congress, the TMC, the Communist parties and a few other regional parties to mislead some sections of Muslims and gullible youth to draw temporary political mileage.

However, these parties will soon realise that they have actually buried themselves beyond breath with these manufactured protests. The backlash of the electorate will be felt by these parties in the next elections.

In a multi-party parliamentary democracy, it is not necessary that everyone agrees to everything the government intends to execute.

It is the political will, legislative majority, constitutional process, ideological agenda and collective vision of the leadership which drive government's legislations, decisions and policies.

The incumbent government has moved Citizenship Amendment Bill, through due process of parliamentary rules in both the Houses and has enacted the Bill into a law, with majority members of the Parliament voting in support of the Bill.

A full spectrum of legal, constitutional and parliamentary due process has been followed in formulating this legislation. BJP is 100 percent certain that this law can withstand any amount of judicial scrutiny on its constitutionality.

In a democracy, governments are elected to make legislations, policies and execute them for greater good of the nation.

The only way a law can be branded good or bad for a nation, is through allowing it to pass or stall it with due parliamentary process outlined by the Constitution.

There is no other way legislations made by an elected government with clear majority can be stalled in a constitutional democracy.

India is a democracy, not a monocracy. Citizens have fundamental rights to express protest or support. However, these actions cannot be a measure to judge a legislation passed through due process.

In a representative, first-man-past-the-post democracy, it is the majority which drives decision making. If legislations have to pass through mob analysis, media trials and kangaroo courts, we do not deserve a democracy.

Electing a certain party into power with a clear majority in a democracy is a clear expression by the voters. It amounts to an expectation of the majority that the elected party would make the required laws that keep the country's integrity intact.

That's the central idea behind electing majority members of a party to rule a nation.

The very essence of a multi-party democracy is differential ideology. One cannot expect a government headed by the Congress to make legislations and policies like the BJP-headed government.

And one should not expect a BJP-led government to make legislations and take policy decisions like in a Congress-led government.

Understanding this critical essence of a multi-party democratic governance model is essential, to allow an elected majority government to drive its national agenda without a hindrance. All this, certainly within the gambit of the nation's Constitution.

The BJP government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi is delivering the national agenda adhering to its party ideology. People of India through their vote have given a huge mandate for the same.

Those who have not voted for the BJP cannot feel let down and outraged by the legislations being made, policies being formulated, decisions being taken by the incumbent government, just because they do not agree with the BJP ideology.

For over 60 years, those with the BJP ideology have waited for their turn to see a BJP government rule this nation. They waited to give the BJP an opportunity to rule this nation with its agenda for India.

Now, it is the turn of the BJP to rule the nation in a way it believes will benefit the nation in short and long term. This process is cyclic and for eternity in the life of a democratic nation.

All those indulging in empty, dramatic outrage and making statements as if this nation is going downhill, must understand that is not how balanced, sensible and responsible BJP voters behaved in the last 60 years of the Congress regime.

They have protested with balance and maturity when required and waited to elect their party with huge strength to govern this nation.

All forms of protests are acceptable. It is symbolic of a functional democracy, that one can express what they do not like about what's being done. However, it cannot descend into lawlessness, violence and violative of laws of the land and rights of those with alternate opinion.

The BJP is proud of its leadership and their political will to execute party's ideological governance agenda for India in the current term.

The BJP's idea of India will be delivered to the people of this nation following the letter and spirit of the Indian Constitution.

(The author is the chief spokesperson of the BJP Telangana State unit and an organisational strategist)

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