Enhancing relationships via connect quotient

Enhancing relationships via connect quotient

If you have to make a choice between networking and building relationships, what would you choose?

If you have to make a choice between networking and building relationships, what would you choose?

Building sound quality relationships is most sought after today. It's just not enough to have big networks where relationships are weak and people not genuine. Instead, the more preferable way is to have quality relationships. By forging stronger ties, bonds are better. Building and sustaining relationships takes time.

Networking is an art which only a few can develop through the right connections. Quality connections are rare in today's diversified world. It's all numbers & quantifications.

When it comes to quality over quantity, most focus on quantity as it weighs heavily and has big numbers than quality networks. But in reality, quality outweighs quantity in terms of satisfaction, happiness and contentment.

Today networking starts from the foundation stage for students from schooling/college. Leaders develop an innate ability to win people through their connect quotient. Connecting with one and all is a rare quality only a few can excel.

One has to be smart to win people, develop contacts, build bonds, consistently work in making them stronger with time. An innate interest in others by cherishing both the good and bad times is essential.

Nurturing relationships is quite a difficult task as one has to work really hard to maintain them. Knowing the likes and dislikes of others is important apart from remembering important days, giving in moral support, and be a source of strength to others all the time.

Techniques to build good networks

Time bound: Good networks take time to build. Contacts have to be developed over a period of time.

Mutual interests: Importance to be given to one anothers interests. A healthy interest in the other person paves way for strong bonds.

Strong communication skills: Having good skillsets in Communications enhances the bond. One has to be proficient & clear in all communiqués.

Be genuine: Being genuine & interested in others is a skill. One has to forge ties by building genuine connections.

Nurture associations: Consistent nurturing & strengthening bonds makes the association grow stronger.

Add value: Being a person of value has a greater benefit than being a mere connect. People will respect you more than expected.

Benefits of Good Networking

Develop contacts: Good contacts build strong relationships. It develops mutual trust & cooperation.

Enhance career growth: Students would find this beneficial as the right connections can pave way for strong career growth prospects.

Reach to celebrities: Networking can take you places in reaching out to stars. Interest in people skills is crucial. One can make an effort in reaching out to key people be it celebrities or personalities from different areas.

Good conversationalist: One has to have the ability to converse well. Good conversations involve good knowledge on various topicalities and the gift of the gab.

According to Abhishek, a student from IIT Hyderabad who says: ' Though I am an average networker, I take time to connect with people. By connecting with others, there has to be some common interests to share.

Apart from building contacts, I take an active part in club activities, dance club and fest. I make it a point to visit networking events - meet new people and build contacts. I have realised that networking is very important at college and I make every opportunity to connect with people.

Networking is important, if bad can't build relationships and eventually it gets better after building them. Certain qualities like giving time and taking interest in others enhances the bond. My hobbies include dance, movies, cricket, learning about marketing'.

In today's fast paced world, it requires a great deal of effort to build good quality relationships. Unless until one has the innate ability to connect and sustain relationships, one can't build bonds.

It takes two friends to be there for one another at all times, motivate and encourage one another, give moral support. It takes a great deal of time and effort for groups to connect with other groups, only then good relationships and network building happens.

How a friendship or network grows over a period of time depends on the quality time invested, having common interests and working way up to broaden the horizons.

Good relationships enhance our quality of life as bonds become a thing of joy by strengthening an individual or group to aspire more. If the relationships are strong, they add value; and if weak creates a lot of uncertainty. Having good circle of networks adds quality to our life.

So, it's essential to have the right connects to grow in stature and as also develop our all-round personality.

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