Financial exploitation by corporate institutions

Financial exploitation by corporate institutions

The corporate educational institutions have been exploiting students and parents in the name of various types of fees.

The corporate educational institutions have been exploiting students and parents in the name of various types of fees. The education system has become a matter of business for these corporate schools and colleges. Parents, who aim for the bright future, have been thronging them with a hope of good education for their wards. But of late we have been witnessing certain unfortunate incidents like a student attempting self-immolation in one of the Narayana colleges recently. The government has failed to keep an eye on the corporate institutions exploiting the common man in the name of fees.

State-run educational- institutions lack teaching staff & infrastructure

The way government is handling education is far from satisfactory. All the State-run educational institutions are without teaching staff for many years. It's better not to talk about infrastructure. As a result, people are looking towards private institutions in hope of giving better education to their children. With the growing demand, a large number of private and corporate institutions have sprung up. With people ready to pay, the private institutions started to fleece them. As there was no mechanism to monitor the fee structure in private institutions, people were forced to pay exorbitant fees.

- Madhu, Auto Consultant, Thorrur

People do not believe in State-run institutions

Corporate educational institutions have started to mushroom due to the failure of the government in providing quality education to the students through its institutions. Although there are quite a few reputed institutions even now, people do not believe in the State-run institutions as they are aware of the fact that the government is not doing its best to strengthen them. Why do people go to private institutions if the State-run entities are good enough? Parents always think about the future of their wards. Hence, they are pouring a lot of money into private institutions, despite having financial restraints.

- G Gopi, Internet Café, Hanumakonda

Corporate institutions maintain double standards to mint money

Corporate colleges maintain a low profile and are more responsible towards students and parents till they get name and fame and will show true colours once they get top ranks in exams like EAMCET, IIT, NEET and CA, then they violate the norms of the Board Of Intermediate and implement their own agenda and squeezes the students in the form of fee in the name of AC classrooms, special intensive coaching, truly speaking corporate colleges maintains double standards to mint the money in the name of service in the field of education.

-Ram Kumar - Self-employed - Nalgonda

Pvt colleges harass students in name of various fees

Before the start of the academic year, corporate colleges appoint agents and through them get admissions of students from different regions.

By the end of the academic year, they harass the students in the name of various fees. Especially intermediate colleges that will only give back the student's certificates only if they pay the total fee. There is no control of the intermediate board over this kind of issue. There is a need to establish a system by the government.

-M Bheshma chary, Medical practitioner, Odela, Karimnagar

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