National animal: Should cow replace tiger?

National animal: Should cow replace tiger?

National animal: Should cow replace tiger?


Cow is a sacred animal for Hindus for ages. India’s neighbour Nepal declared cow as a national animal

Cow is a sacred animal for Hindus for ages. India's neighbour Nepal declared cow as a national animal. This has also led to an intense debate in the country on whether the Indian government should also follow suit. The Hans India spoke to a cross section of people on the issue.

A majority backed making cow the national animal. They said whether it is a house-warming ceremony or initiating a new venture, ushering in a cow is considered a good omen and a sign of lucky charm. However, a few said what benefit does a common man derive by enacting a legislation making cow the national animal. They pointed out that as per the Constitution, all religions are equal in the nation.

Cow is a sacred animal and deserves National Animal status. It is playing a pivotal role in Hindu dharma. Hindus treat it as a divine animal and worships it seeing Goddesses Lakshmi in it. The government should ban cow slaughter first before giving it National Animal status.

Chotu, anchor, Rajamahendravaram

Besides being a sacred animal, its products have several medicinal values. Its urine is used as medicine and its dung as anti-bacterial in houses. Hindus believes that three crore Gods are in the cow and used it during auspicious events. They are donated during the last rites of a person with a belief that it gives deliverance. The animal should be made National Animal.

G Chantibabu, businessman, Rajamahendravaram

No one can imagine Hinduism without cow, as it has a significant role in Hindu rituals. Cow is a gift given to mankind by God and it is part and parcel of Hindu religion deserving National Animal status.

Benarjee, educationist, Rajamahendravaram

Cow is a symbol of holiness and everyone should pray it for peace and prosperity. It is also a symbol of health and wealth in our rural economy as its milk, urine and dung having medicinal values. Cow milk is essential for children for their healthy growth and has all minerals and vitamins than the milk of lactating mothers. By considering all these qualities, our Central government should declare cow as National Animal.

Boyina Someswara Rao, medical shop owner, Srikakulam.

It will be laudable decision to declare cow as National Animal. Already cow has special place in Indian society and culture and declaring cow as National Animal will definitely help to give more protection to it. The government has also to take responsibility of feeding cows. But many owners of in cities like Vijayawada are not feeding them properly and leaving them on the roads from morning to evening. It is the responsibility of the owner of the cow to give proper protection and fodder. It should be a collective responsibility of both the government and the people, the owners of the cows.

M S Naidu, businessman, Vijayawada.

I welcome any move to make cow National Animal. India is a very big country and we should take into consideration of other religions when we take such important decisions. I think there will be no objection from the people of other faiths if cow is declared National Animal. So far, cow has a very important place in the society and crores of people worship it. So, the temples and Gosalas will have to take more responsibility and care towards cows and the government will also take responsibility if cow is declared National Animal.

D Srinivas, government employee, Vijayawada.

In a secular country like India, cow is worshipped as God. There is no auspicious occasion celebrated without paying respect to the cow. Giving the national animal tag to the cow is a welcome move which also aids in safeguarding the animal from getting slaughtered.

Narava Prakasa Rao, honorary secretary of Bala Vikas Foundation, Visakhapatnam.

A cow epitomises compassion, motherliness, righteousness, sanctity and auspiciousness. Cow represents holiness and the animal should be protected and revered. In the Vedas, cow is associated with 'Aditi', the mother of all the Gods. India being a peace-loving country, making cow the national animal in place of the tiger is not only apt but also is in tune with our culture.

Dwaram Anantha Venkata Swamy, DGM (projects), Visakhpatnam Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam.

Hindus worship cow as a sacred animal on all auspicious events. it's milk, urine and dung are highly useful for human beings. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should take initiative to introduce a bill ensuring national animal status to cow. Killing cows is to be declared as major offence .All Hindus should raise their voice to declare cow as National Animal.

M N Murthy, president, Sankar Seva Samithi, Chittoor.

Cow has high place in our religious texts It is worshipped by Hindus for centuries. Slaughtering the cow is to be banned through a legislation. It is said the animal is a symbol of all Hindu Gods. It is not too late to ensure National Animal status to cow. No animal is comparable to it. Hope Modi would accord National Animal status the animal.

M Vijayasanthi, pharmacist , Govt.Homoeo Dispensary, Chittoor.

In our rural economy, farmers give high priority to the cow. Hindus worship it as Goddess Lakshmi Devi. Our people believe that service provided to the cow is service to the God. We are offering prayers to the cow on several occasions as part of Hindu religious traditions. Cow has high status in the hearts of people and the government should also prove its respect towards cow by declaring it as National Animal.

G Vasanthi, asst. professor, AITAM Engineering College, Tekkali.

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