Civils Mains examinations are 30 days ahead

Civils Mains examinations are 30 days ahead

Civils Mains examinations are scheduled from September 20. Hardly five weeks are left for the preparation. Candidates must be spending sleepless nights for the last few weeks with tension.

Civils Mains examinations are scheduled from September 20. Hardly five weeks are left for the preparation. Candidates must be spending sleepless nights for the last few weeks with tension. They should have a time table to go ahead within these thirty days. Fist of all they should keep their health in condition.


The candidates appearing for the mains can be classified into three major categories.

1. First attempt candidates

2. Repeaters

3. Last chance candidates. Each category candidates should have their own way of coping with time. Don't be over confident.

First timers:

Candidates appearing for the first time should be thorough with all the 7 main papers along with two compulsory papers. Take the advice of your seniors. Go through the question papers of last 4 years. Further division of time can be as follows:

15th August to 21st August – Complete the optional subject both papers. There are 5 holidays in between the first phase of examinations and second phase. You can revise them during that period. Make writing of previous question papers as a habit. Don't be carried away by the fears sown in you by your seniors that it is difficult to get score

22nd August to 28th August – General studies paper I

29th August to 4th September - GS Paper II.

5th September to 11th September- GS Paper III

12th September to 18th September- GS Paper IV.

Besides this, every week you have to write two essays for practice. This is only a suggestion. You can have your own schedule. Only advice at this point is –don't club reading one paper with other so that you are not confused. It can be a week or 5 days according to your convenience.

Don't be under the impression that this is only a first attempt and you have 5 more chances. If you crack in the first attempt there are chances to become Chief Secretary of the State since you joined the service at the age of 24 and you have 36 years of service. If you join service at the age of 28 or thirty it is difficult to reach the top position. Keep your own notes. Study material must be of your own preparation based on the material supplied by coaching centers. Your own interpretation should be cultivated.

Repeaters: The time frame shown above can be followed as per your convenience. First of all analyze the reasons for your failure in the previous attempts. It should be done paper wise. Since you have the marks list with you, you can take care of the hardship you have faced during the preparation. Time constraint is more important. Within the time frame of 180 minutes for each paper .you have to answer all the questions. Prepare a list of mistakes you have done in each examination. Try to overcome the mistakes with intelligence and hard work. Don't be pessimistic. Luck and hard work are two sides of the coin. Update the information you have with you, particularly – current affairs. Don't be over enthusiastic. Spend each day fruitfully. Every paper is important. Don't be under the impression that you can score more in Science & Technology paper or History paper.

Last attempt candidates:

This is like Kurukshetra battle for you. Don't loose hopes. Don't get frustrated. Don't be over-confident. Labour pains for each delivery are different; similarly each attempt has its own difficulties to cope up. Examine the fault you have done during previous attempts and rectify them. You should aim at high rank. This attempt may be to crack IAS or IPS. You may be already in one service and attempting for better service. So your aim should be to get good marks out of 1750 in written test. If you are comfortable with written test marks, you can easily get good marks in interview also. Interview marks are for 275. Good preparation for mains papers give you confidence to answer well in interview.

The overall picture to be kept in mind is to be careful in attempting the written examination. The essay type answers are the key for mains examination unlike objective questions in prelims.

Have good command over language and the subject. English grammar is most important for success. Usage of idioms and quotations should be practiced during the period of preparation. If Telugu is chosen as medium of examination, candidates should have good knowledge on Telugu idioms and grammar. Be confident with the colloquial usage of words. The sentence construction should be perfect. It comes only with hard work.


Revision of each subject is to be done at regular intervals. Update the latest events in the given subject. Last few days can be allotted for perfect understanding and to have command over the subject. Take the advice of experts in the field. Don't have the impression that it is a hard nut to crack and loose hopes at the last moment. Perfect planning and time management are the key for success. Every attempt is important. Luck smiles at your doorstep if you are a hard worker. Intelligence is in built. Don't hide it with false prestige. Come September is the slogan during degree examinations. If one fails in March-April examinations, he can go for supplementary. But here you have to appear again for prelims. Get ready to face the examination without fear. Best of luck.

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