Creating a connection culture

Creating a connection culture

Creating a connection culture


To discover the power of human connections is just amazing. Be it at the professional or personal level, strong meaningful connections make the beauty of an association all the more energetic

To discover the power of human connections is just amazing. Be it at the professional or personal level, strong meaningful connections make the beauty of an association all the more energetic. Specially any leadership challenge is addressed through creating a connection culture across the principles of vibrant vision, authentic values, and a resonating voice which gives a sense of direction to all their aspirations.

Culture is thereby shared interests, being empathetic, and an innate understanding that makes an individual contribute on a larger scale in communities and organisations. This forges community bonds and enhances mutual understanding at different levels.

The focus is primarily on

Organisational leadership

♦ Organisational culture

♦ Team building

Organisational leadership defines the key components in an able leader who builds institutions, people and communities. Within an organisation, a leader is a strong example to the people or its stakeholders. Be it internal or external stakeholders, the employees emulate and follow their leader who is a great influencer and thrives.

Leaders journey through some tough pathways to reach or arrive at a particular destination. This encompasses them to choose a path or vision based on their aspirations or dreams to make it a reality. As it's commonly said, nothing comes easy. One has to work very hard to be in an able leadership portfolio.

Unless the top leadership benchmarks at every step, the key people will not follow. For the overall growth and productivity, setting a trend and leading with the interests of all is paramount.

Organisational culture is an identity mapping that embraces or defines the key ingredient of culture that employees follow. The management has to define the corporate cultural identity to be adopted or practiced by setting a trend to the entire staff. Team building enhances team connections and bonhomie between each employee forging stronger bonds. It's essential for the growth of the organisation and its key stakeholders.

By building a connection culture, employee engagement gets a boost at workstations. Bonding and strengthening relationships should be the main goal. Good bonds are a strength; while negative ones are an energy drain. Good meaningful bonds enhance energy while the negative forces drain our energy.

Key parameters

♦ Employee engagement and productivity

♦ Building meaningful connections

♦ Building employee happiness

The sense of belonging and being accepted comes with meaningful connections which will make employees happier, confident and more productive. We work better when we know there is good support. Connection makes people more resilient to stress. We find ways to deal with stress at all levels and having a good support system by being part of formidable groups.

At work a collective purpose helps in realising the goal and overall strategy. It's also about the people you are surrounded with who are there in good and testing times.Connection improves decision making. Great minds who enhance the growth quotient of a company will be able to generate outstanding results. Decision-making at a collective level with different perspectives will generate better results.

A leader with a clear-cut vision, value based leadership and strong voice will offer innovators the right environment to share their ideas. With connections across all platforms, there will be a greater sense of purpose where all are part of the growth story. This further enhances unity in diversity, workman spirit and mutual respect.

Connection culture drives the dreams of a person by making it a reality. Organisations supporting the pet projects of employees whose ideas have a definite impact will relate better to outcomes that acknowledge the latent talent.

We spend more than half our waking hours in the workplace. Talking openly about problems is the hallmark of emotional bonds which is the cornerstone of connection. By creating diverse opportunities for social interaction, by increasing collaborative working at work, there's a sense of innate consideration for fellow workers. Social events are great because they allow employees to connect naturally in their preferred groups.

But they might not be ideal for employees who are socially shy or already feel disconnected or excluded. Uplifting the morale of staff who are shy or withdrawn will be an add on litmus test. Once they gain the patronage keeping in view the personality, they can better connect with them way through unstinted support.

Recruitment also plays a key role in the behavioural pattern and conduct of employees. Creating employee-focussed groups through a connection conundrum improves relations. Good support system and mutual understanding and growth are focussed.

Connection culture provides new ways of thinking about leadership based on the human need to connect to a group. It helps people and organizations thrive that drain the life out of people. Connection culture includes inspiring stories of outstanding leaders who cultivated cultures of connection, with evidence that people and organizations need human connection to thrive, and descriptions of ways to connect that include attitudes, personalities and behaviour.

Creating the culture of belonging

♦ Promote organisational culture

♦ Being accountable

♦ Define core values and goals

♦ Diligent hiring

♦ Employee safety and wellness

♦ Forge connections

♦ Good feedback system

♦ Cultivate positive workforce

Company culture isn't just what you do, it's who you are. All stakeholders including customers and employees want the same thing from you. Organizational culture refers to the system of values, beliefs, and behaviors that shapes how work gets done within an organization.

In a culture of belonging, that means an environment that supports all three elements of comfort, connection and contribution. Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, encompassing language, religion, social habits, and other interests.

Employees look for praise and need accomplishments and opportunities to grow in real-time. Unless employees are accountable, they can't contribute to the growth and productivity. In today's market scenario, companies build cultures that value true heroism of individual abilities. Providing platform to be successful with a strong purpose within the organization and aligning their goals will empower them to do better.

Today with change across all organisations though not limited to private companies, even the public companies are going in for a bold change to deeply connect with their key audiences. This builds companies with a meaningful connect quotient which is a welcome change. The customers too relate better and there are no barriers of any kind and the momentum keeps building along with trust.

Adopting good connective culture is the need of the hour. With this organisations make a leap & benchmark alongside its key public. Driving the blueprint for an enhanced growth curve through a connected culture makes all the difference in an organisation's growth trajectory.

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