7 Laws of Attraction & How to benefit from it

7 Laws of Attraction & How to benefit from it

Lately, The 7 Laws of Attraction have been getting a lot of attention, and more and more people are asking this question.. to know more about this than what are these 7 laws of Attraction?

Lately, The 7 Laws of Attraction have been getting a lot of attention, and more and more people are asking this question.. to know more about this than what are these 7 laws of Attraction?

If you really know about these 7 Laws of attraction, the next question immediately arises is how can one use these laws to benefit one?

This is the process of first working out what you desire, then bringing it into manifestation. And you can use crystals to contribute to the process

So what are these 7 laws of Attraction?

These are the seven laws to follow to bring what you desire into manifestation

1. Intense desire: Feeling about what you want is the first and the most important thing and the first step. Before you can bring anything into the reality you must really want it.

You need this feeling to be absolutely strong, or there is no point, in the beginning, the process. It must be a very powerful emotion, or you will not even begin the process of manifestation.

2. Imagination and Conceptualization: If one watched the movie The Secret you may try remembering the part where the man sits in his chair and visualizing, he owned a new car.

This concept entailed him having unshakable faith in the new idea that he was sitting in his new car! The process was to believe so strongly in the existence of his new car, that he truly believed in its actual existence.

This is known as conceptualization. As you form an image of what you desire in your mind, you are using your imagination to bring it into reality.

one must first see it in your imagination. It must be fully formed and conceptualization before it can possibly manifest. This is the process of creating an image in your mind of what you desire to have in your life.

make up an image in your mind as real and as detailed as you can, as this is how you will bring it into manifestation

3. Affirmation: Affirm That you already have what you want! The concept of affirming is to make a positive statement of what you believe, and when making this statement you need to truly believe it is true.

what is the purpose? This is all about using the power of positive affirmations to aid you.

A common use of the word affirmation is about making positive statements on a daily basis, about what you would like to be, or what do have in your life. if you have been using the practice of doing daily affirmations already, it can easily become part of this process.

4. Focus with confidence: kEEP your focus on the subject and try feeling confident that whatever it is that you desire will manifest. Focus consistently on the thing that you want to bring into your life.

This is one of the important laws among the 7 Laws Of Attraction, as it is of extreme importance that you focus strongly when you are conceptualizing. Try doing this on a daily basis, as often as possible, to achieve your desires

5. Profound Belief: in one of the books, Abraham Hicks, Asks And It Is Given, Abraham Through Esther, talks about having what you desire in vibrational escrow

she outlines a number of ideas on how to manifest what you desire. Keeping your belief high aids what you desire to form using the processes outlined above. one has to have faith and have a true belief. in order that it comes forward and manifests in your life. Allow yourself to sincerely believe that you have the thing desired. That it will come into reality. An even more powerful thing to do is to truly believe that the thing you desire is already manifested. that is the part of your reality check.

6. Gratitude: This is the most important thing to have, one should have gratitude, Being grateful in advance is very powerful an is a major element that will bring about the manifestation.

Feeling gratitude and deep appreciation every day for the things you already have creates an energy field around you.

7. Manifestation: The thing that you deserve becomes a reality. You have carried through each step of the seven laws of attraction. You have created the final result. You have attracted into your life the thing that you desired.


There are few crystals that play a major role in the process of manifestation. Many of you not only want things, but you want to change the circumstances of your life too.

You can combine the use of specific crystals with the 7 laws of attraction. This may bring other types of resources into your life, and changing the circumstances in which you live can make a major difference to you.

Now you have learned about the 7 laws of Attraction take the time to meditate daily. All you have to do is which chakra stones suit aid you to bring qualities you have to choose to bring into your reality.

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