Adimurai :Oldest form of Martial Arts in the World

Adimurai :Oldest form of Martial Arts in the World
ancient form of Maritial Arts, practiced in the Tamil nadu and northern part of Sri lanka

  • Adimurai, is oldest form of Maritial Arts practised in the State of Tamil Nadu, as well as northern province of Srilanka
  • Both men and women, should be encouraged to learn martial arts for self defence and keep their body and mind fit and healthy.

Adimurai is known to be the oldest and also most significant martial art, which was practiced Tamilakam(Present day Tamil Nadu state and Northern Province of Sri Lanka).

The above is considered as Tamil Martial arts, Adimurai is well-known term, called as Varmakkalai, Adimurai, Kuthuvarisai, Kushthi, Beemanmurai and Nadan.

In the film, Pattasu, Dhanush played the role of Adumurai warrior and in the movie, much has told about this martial art.

Earlier, people were largely isolated and not connected as in the present world and itinerant by nature in their search for both, perfection as well as knowledge. Siddhars(yogic sages) devised Adimurai, a devastatingly effective unarmed combat science, to protect themselves against dacoits and armed thieves. There are no elaborate rites at Adimurai, Adimurai is a science of combat.

History of Adimurai

The word Adimurai is an Tamil terminology, where adi means, "to hit or strike and murai means method or procedure". It is said that, Adimurai is originated from the southern parts of Tamil Nadu, Tirunelveli, Kanyakumari. It is found that, adimurai is the origin of different maritial arts techniques. Varma kalai is a form of kalai. In the present day, it is combined with Tamil armed art.

During the time of Chola as well as Pandya kingdoms, a nonlethal variations of Adi Murai known as Adithadi developed a fighting sport. In Tami Sangam, literature, from 400 BCE, this ancient fighting strategy is recorded.

In the present era, it is combined with other Tamil martial arts, the only martial style that teaches the Varman or secret point is Adimurai.

Palm leaves were used to write the indigenous literatures. The majority were sold to foreigners for financial benefit, while the rest were destroyed by floods, rain and other natural disaster. What we have now is merely a small portion of the available material.

How it works?

Adimurai is a martial art, which places much emphasizes on bare-knuckle strikes and defence. This art focuses on self-defence. The focus of all assaults, kicks and locks is on the vital varma points.

Who can learn Adimurai

To learn this technique, one needs to be honest, have a sound intellect, have a passion for information and be dedicated. Learning to be an expert in this kill would take atleast 12 years. It works with the combination of Varma Elakkyu and vasi yoga to get the completion of the Varmakali, that is the base in the science of Sidha medicine.

This art, which includes a lethal pressure point strike component(Varma Adi) has been maintained as well as guarded secret by its practitioners and it is only taught to the selected few.

Some Adimurai training centers in Tamil Nadu:

1. Indian varma adimurai Academy international Chennai

2. Thirumoolar Varmalogy Institute, Coimbatore

3. Manja Varmakkalai, Madurai

4. Manja Varmakkalai, Chennai

5. Varmakalai Training Academy, Chennai

6. Master Ramesh, student of Late Dr. Kannan Aasaan of Bogar Varmalayam at Tambaram, Chennai

7. Asan Appadurai Varma Adimurai Academy at Nagercoil, Chennai and Madurai

8. Nadar Thekkan Kalari, Kanyakumari

9. Varma Adimurai Federation, Nagercoil

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