Changes to make-up during Coronavirus

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Makeup is known not only to enhance our external features but also give us a lot of confidence and positivity from within

Makeup is known not only to enhance our external features but also give us a lot of confidence and positivity from within.

Since face masks cover a significant portion of face features, makeup enthusiasts are learning to adapt their beauty routines. As a result, those with more sensitive/oily skin have been facing the skin related complications, like acne breakouts, flare-ups of eczema or rosacea, or general skin irritation.

Mask wearers may experience chapped or dry skin, along with areas where the masks put extra pressure; under chin and beneath eyes and hence maintaining a good CTM (cleansing, toning and moisturising) day and night-time is vital important. I will suggest to take mask breaks and spray some moisture mist onto your face before putting the mask back on again, make sure to wash your cloth mask regularly and sanitise it appropriately. as per govt guidelines .

Apply gentle moisturizer, serums and creams rich in hyaluronic acid that is effective enough to combat skin flaking on areas covered by masks .Hydrate your skin by drinking at least 8-10 glass of water , juice, soup , coconut water, lassi and water-rich foods in 24 hours times as hydrated skin doesn't produce much oil which helps keep your skin clean healthy and fresh looking.

While the pandemic is worsening day by day and the situation is turning grim so naturally, make-up and the way we look have also changed. With half the face covered by a mask, the use of lipstick and also foundations has become less. With a mask on, a foundation can make matters worse, by making it feel heavy under the mask, and making it more difficult to breathe.

Many have stopped using foundation and use a powder compact or a highlighter on certain areas of the face, like the cheekbones. If you must use foundation, make it a light, water-based one. Waterproof and smudge-proof products would be more suitable to wear under a mask.

Another major change is that there is less emphasis on lipstick and more emphasis on eye make-up. The trend is now to accentuate eye make-up. Kajal, eyeliner and eye shadows are becoming more popular.

In fact, the prediction is that various shades of eye shadow will become the trend. Since the emphasis is on eyes, one must pay more attention to grooming the eyebrows on one's own, by plucking and shaping them. You may not be wearing your lipstick, but continue taking care of the skin on the lips, so that the skin of the lips does not suffer under the mask.

Wearing a mask for long hours, while being outdoors in the sun can lead to partial tanning of the skin, with the area outside the mask becoming tanned. So, carry out treatments that help to produce an even colour tone. Apply a sunblock cream on the exposed area before going out in the sun. If your skin is oily, use a sunscreen gel. Anti-tan sunscreens are available.

All said and done, make-up will never go out of fashion. Make-up not only makes one look good but also feel good. It is said that wearing lipstick actually lifts the look immediately and also lifts the mood. Therefore, we are all looking forward to the time when the pandemic will end and make-up will be popular again.

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