What is keratin hair treatment? Know its benefits & side effects

What is keratin hair treatment? Know its benefits & side effects

What is keratin hair treatment? Know its benefits & side effects 


Every Woman feels her richest ornament is hair. Hair brings her self image into focus it is terribly personal. She holds tangle of mysterious...

Every Woman feels her richest ornament is hair. Hair brings her self image into focus it is terribly personal. She holds tangle of mysterious prejudice because she needs no gems of any kind, neither she needs any best attire she just needs to flung her long, loose straight hair around the neck and feel the world is under her feet. YOU TOO CAN HAVE SAME FEELING USE KERATIN FOR STRAIGHT HAIR…………………………

What is keratin hair treatment?

Keratin hair treatment is also referred as miracle straightening. This treatment is very famous for removal of fizz and also curls. The Method followed are very natural and no usage of chemicals. Keratin is a natural protein found in the hair and also in teeth. Keratin helps in achieving silk, shiny hair. When this treatment is given to patients it helps in improving the keratin content in the patient's body. For treatment, keratin is extracted from animal sources and other natural sources. Technique followed is the application of keratin product on the hair and do hot ironing on the hair. This technique is useful because it the covers the hair cuticle with content keratin. And they trap the moisture, which the hair already has. Thus, in the end it is rinsed off so that straight hair is achieved.

How does this work on the body?

Keratin acts like the outer shell to the body and thus it helps the body to be healthy. Keratin is essential to the body as it protects the external layer of skin, nails and hairs. Thus keratin contains strong protein which comprises of major component of skin, hair and teeth. When keratin is reduced in the body, it become more prone to damage and repairs.

Brazilian Keratin treatment

Brazilian Keratin Hair treatment can be done in 2 hours hence most of busy women feel very relaxed while undergoing this treatment. Reason being less time taken for drying the hair and also it dries naturally. For Brazilian keratin treatment they use pure wool, which is harvested by using New Zealand sheep. Agriculture sector guarantees that this wool is free from BSE and other related diseases. Animals are not harmed in any way in order to get keratin extract. This process uses comparatively smaller keratin molecules which do penetrate into hair cortex and thus they not only improves the hair quality but also add elasticity, moisture and strength to the hair. The patients achieve smooth, shiny, soft and straight hair. They also coat hair with larger molecule and thus hair cuticles are able to handle damage caused by ultraviolet rays, smoke and smog. In Brazilian keratin hair treatment they also use unique biopolymer substance which is in liquid form that easily blends with the hair. They do contain high sulfur and acids such amino acids which makes keratin elastic, tough, and insoluble and thus patients are able have type of hair what they desire.

Keratin Benefits: Some of the keratin benefits are as follows;

Safer: Keratin treatment is safer because these products do not contain any harsh chemical which can damage the patient hair. This helps patients to relax and also straighten the hair with use of active component keratin. Other advantage is a patient who had their hair colored, highlighted or had a chemical treatment to the hair in the past show better results. Reason being keratin bonds fully when hair is brittle.

Smooth Hair: After patient undergoing keratin treatment patient find their hair to be smoother and shine more. It helps in preventing frizz even when hair is exposed to tough weather conditions. Thus, it results in patient spending comparatively very less time on styling. Thus keratin treatment really helps hair to be softer when touched and also helps in changing texture which is noticeable.

Results are long lasting: Patients feel only one single treatment shows significant results and results lasts for prolonged time. Thus, there is a noticeable change in the hair for around several weeks. Thus, on average results do last for three to four months. Thus, patients can also opt for treatment within four to six weeks if they feel so.

Straight Hair: When patients undertake the keratin treatment, patients do not have hair pin straight hair but it helps them remove lot of curls. Thus very less time is spent on styling or straightening.

Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Patients do complain of side effects after having a first wash that is mostly after taking the treatment which may around 72 hours. Some of the side effects which the patients complain are as follows.

Possibility of getting Cancer: All famous keratin treatment includes the usage of formaldehyde. This is carcinogenic substance and major component which is included in the hair treatment is keratin. Most of the beauty parlors and saloons do use formaldehyde and fumes are produced when formaldehyde is used. These fumes consist of formaldehyde, which is made to escape, but there are few chances of less amount of formaldehyde getting absorbed into skin. Thus, patients are unknowingly introduced to the risk of getting cancer because formaldehyde. And thus there are comparatively very high chances of patients getting induced to cancer. In the market, there are few products which do not include formaldehyde, but by using those products desired results cannot be achieved.

Excessive Loss of hair: Many patients do complain of excess hair lost due undertaking of keratin treatment. Even though patients use hair products which were recommended by parlors and saloons they feel that they have lost lots of hair in the initial week itself. Hair fall is so noticeable those patients do complain of having scanty hair after treatment. Thus, it is advisable to get checking done with the help of a dermatologist before undertaking any hair treatment like keratin.

Deteriorating Hair texture: Initially patients do feel happy because the hair looks full of luster. But after the treatment within a couple of weeks, patients complain of having degrading hair texture. Patients feel their hair is messed up, dried and fade. They also complain that hair after washing evening twice it is straight, but in reality parlors and saloons have told patients that with in day or two they will have curly and wavy hair which will look very natural.

Allergic Reactions: Some people complain of getting allergic reactions when keratin treatment is undertaken. Symptoms include rash, itching. So to avoid allergic reactions it is always better to consult dermatologist before taking these treatment, speak to a hair stylist who can identify which product will suit your hair. Do mention if you had any allergic reactions in the past.

Keratin hair treatment does offer many benefits, but we should remember that the compounds existing in keratin could damage the hair in a couple of weeks after treatment. Most patients feel very uncomfortable because keratin application is left for a minimum of four days so that the product gives the maximum benefit. So when patients undergo this treatment they need to switch from the existing usage of shampoos or hair conditioners to the one advised by the parlor or saloons. The Main reason why Patients need to switch is because normal shampoos which the patients use might contain sulfate and sodium, which might break down the keratin and thus resulting in dry and frizzy hair.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Keratin Treatment

Chemical risk: These products pose chemical risk because of the chemical content in the product. This product contains around 1.6g/100g of Formaldehyde, which is not safe for usage on the body. Thus. Patients do complain of having risk caused to health after stopping usage of this product.

Effects: Most patients do complain of irritation of eyes, skin and mucous membrane.

Many hair straightening products have been recalled because they contain high level of formaldehyde. Some of the products recalled were Brazillian thermal reconstruction, Complex Brazilian Keratin Straightening Treatment and Brazillian Blowout Acai Professional Smoothing Solution Brazillian Blowout Solution.

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