Your pre-wedding beauty guide

Your pre-wedding beauty guide

Here are some tips to ensure glowing skin, flawless makeup and lustrous hair if you are the bride or bridesmaid or a close friend

The wedding season has begun. And whether you're the bride, or bridesmaid or bride's mother, sibling or a close friend, you want to look your absolute best! It's also the perfect excuse to give your skin a makeover just in time for the festivities.

For lustrous hair

Deep conditioning treatments: For a deep conditioning treatment, use a hair mark to nourish your hair. The best way to tame your mane is to lavish some TLC at least once a week.

Choose a mask that treats your specific condition: If your hair is dry and frizzy, opt for a hydrating mask and use a hair mask enriched with proteins if your hair fall is out of control.

Oil your scalp: Oil your scalp frequently and for best results, massage the oil into your scalp thoroughly yet gently.

Try and keep the hair oil overnight and use a hot towel to ensure your scalp can soak in the oil completely. Don't use too much oil and use a mild shampoo to wash it off.

For flawless makeup

Pick the perfect foundation: Play with different foundations to see what works best for your skin type.

A foundation wear-test is a must, since you also need to check if it is long-lasting and not causing any reactions. The ideal foundation should give you a satin smooth finish and maximum coverage.

For lipstick that lasts: The key to making your lipstick last is using a thick layer of lip scrub overnight leading up to D-Day.

Also, leave it on for a couple of hours before you have to get dressed.

Gently wipe this off, apply a lip balm and a layer of concealer before you apply your lipstick. This nourishes your lips and allows the lipstick to blend in and last longer.

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