World Gin Day: Gin-tastic recipes

World Gin Day: Gin-tastic recipes

A great time to celebrate this refreshing spirit, which is ideal for summer

Gin is so much more than a genteel drink. It is also so much more than an accompaniment with tonic water. In India, we are on the cusp of a gin revolution. With more and more people becoming gin lovers, World Gin Day is a great time to celebrate this refreshing spirit, which is ideal for summer.

Try out this gin-tastic cocktail recipes that are simple to make, exceptionally flavourful, and the ideal way to harness your inner mixologist

The Bardot I By Ali Hamdan, Head Mixologist and Beverage Manager at Hilton Maldives Amingiri

Ingredients and quantities

• Few American Gin 40 ml

• House-made chamomile citrus oil syrup 30 ml

• Freshly squeezed lemon juice 10 ml

• Lychee syrup 5 ml

• Cocktail enhancer 4 drops


• Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill it with ice. Shake well, and fine strain into the glass

Garnish and serve

• Garnish with a Berry Tuile and serve in a coupe glass

Orange and Pepper Twist I By Bombay Sapphire


• 50ml Bombay Sapphire

• 100ml tonic water (chilled & freshly opened)

• 1 Orange wedge

• 2 Full grinds of black pepper


• Squeeze an orange wedge into a Balloon glass

• Add two grinds of black pepper

• Pour in the Bombay Sapphire and swirl the glass to mix and infuse

• Fully fill the glass with cubed ice and stir to mix and chill.

• Top with 100ml of tonic water by pouring it gently down the bar spoon to retain as much effervescence as possible.

• Gently fold/stir with a bar spoon to combine

Tropical Waters I By Manjiri Nevrekar, Assistant Bartender, Nksha

Indulge in the flavors of the Tropical Waters of the western sea coast of India with a unique gin cocktail Infused with the essence of kokum syrup and coconut water. This delightful concoction carries an elegant pour of London dry gin. The velvety richness of kokum syrup gives a sweet and slightly tangy undertone to the complexity of the cocktail. With the addition of coconut water, our cocktail gets a tropical twist, divulging hints of beach paradise. Served in a coconut powder-rimmed coupe glass, this summer gin cocktail is a harmonious blend of vibrant coastal flavors that will transport your taste buds to the sunny shores of western India with its every essence.


• 60 ml London Dry Gin

• 15 ml kokum syrup

• 15 ml cold pressed coconut water

• 10 ml freshly pressed lime juice

• Rimmed with coconut powder


• In a chilled mixing glass put 10 ml of freshly pressed lime juice and 15 ml of kokum syrup.

• Add 15 ml of cold-pressed coconut water and 60 ml of London dry gin.

• Top up the mixing glass with ice and stir the cocktail to perfection.

• Strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass rimmed with coconut powder.

• Sip and savour!

Pink Gin I By Arundeep Singla, Chairman and Managing Director, Alcostar Group of Companies


• 50ml Barrister pink gin (berry- or rhubarb-flavoured gins work well)

• 3 raspberries, plus 1 extra to garnish, if you like

• 1 tbsp freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice

• 1 tsp sugar syrup (optional)

• Ice cubes

• Champagne or prosecco, to top up

• Edible flower petals, to garnish (optional)


• Tip the gin, raspberries, grapefruit juice, and sugar syrup, if using, into a cocktail shaker along with a handful of ice. Shake until the outside of the shaker feels ice-cold.

• Double-strain the drink into a champagne flute or coupe glass, then top up with champagne or prosecco. Drop in a raspberry or garnish with edible flower petals.

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