Boost your immunity during pandemic

Boost your immunity during pandemic

Boost your immunity during pandemic


With a surge in Covid19 cases immunity is of upmost importance

With a surge in Covid19 cases immunity is of upmost importance. While everyone during the pandemic wishes to lose weight, having proper immunity is as important as getting fit.

It is time to buckle up, and boost your immunity promoting foods. You are probably overwhelmed with many social media forwards on what to eat. Don't worry here I have cut out the clutter and assembled a list of foods that will keep you fighting fit.


Drink plenty of water and fluids throughout to keep your throat moist. I suggest you also add on fluids like soups, rasam, herbal teas, warm water to keep you hydrated and flush out the mucus.


Give your virus fighting cells a boost with a heavy dose of Vitamin C. The simplest way is by squeezing lemon over all your meals.

Leafy greens

Did you know that the simple coriander that garnishes our meals is packed with anti-oxidants? Tulsi or holy basil, prescribed by traditional Indian medicine, is a good source of anti-oxidants. Don't forget Neem leaves that make for a strong immune increasing tonic.

Seasonal fruits

I truly believe that there is no better way of getting instant energy and fiber than eating a seasonal and local fruit. Fruits help flush out toxins and provide antioxidants.


When I say eat your vegetables, I do not mean only the green kind. In fact, include a range of colors on your plate as each has a different kind of anti-oxidant which take up your immunity. Remember: half your plate should be filled with vegetables at any meal.


As essential as GST is for the economy to work so is Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric (or GGT) for the body. Garlic helps kill infectious bacteria, Ginger counteracts inflammation and Turmeric is one of the most powerful blood purifiers there is!

Herbs and spices

I say spices are the real fighters of any virus. Cooked in a good fat like cow's ghee, these are true immune boosters. May it be digestive aid cumin, flue combating mustard or congestion relieving pepper corns, spices have many benefits.

Nuts, seeds and coconut

To fight and recover an infection, you need good quality fat, protein, vitamins and minerals all found in nuts and seeds. Opt for a mix of nuts and seeds for a healthy snacking option.

Cow's ghee

Organic Desi cow's ghee is my choice for a cooking medium as it soothes a sore throat and is a carrier for phytochemicals.

Try opting of whole foods and are organically grown. Take my advice and incorporate these foods in your diet and shield yourself from any virus!

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