Looking forward for new beginnings in new decade

Looking forward for new beginnings in new decade

As we say goodbye to 2019, the final year of the decade, we also look forward to 2020 to make fresh beginnings, to reach new heights and try to stick to the resolutions that were made at the end of the year

New Year is the occasion to enjoy and celebrate the remaining essence of life and forget the past to move on in life with new enthusiasm. The concept of celebration is to mark a new beginning.

That in turn, pertains to a happy occasion, auspicious in time without any tinge of unholy and malefic attachments. On this day a large number of resolutions are passed to be followed in the coming year.

The Hans India has spoken to a few celebrities and gathered their new resolutions and plans for the year:

Anyone, I need to forgive? Any hurt I need to Release? They did what was right for them, I created the hurt and held on to it. Past is past, Its over, let it go.

-BK Shivani, Renowned spiritual guide and mentor

"I am really excited about 2020 as my film Savaari is going to be released and I don't really believe in the concept of resolutions as circumstances change every single day.

I set short term goals and they are easier to achieve. I try to improve each day and love to explore and learn new things in life."

-Priyanka Sharma, Tollywood actress

"2019 was really great for me. Professionally it was amazing and 2020 is going to be very busy and lot of exciting things to share with people.

The lead is 'Man to Man'. This is a Hindi movie, a comedy one and I am playing a very important role in this. My plans for 2020 is I am not going to eat pizza; this is my new year resolution and I won't cheat on this."

-Adah Sharma, Tollywood and Bollywood actress

"It has been an extremely busy year with the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival going to three countries - UK, UAE and Singapore. And two of our new productions 'Kasturba' and 'My Father - His Exalted Highness' were premiered.

So, this year's resolution is to take our original Hyderabadi heritage to more countries around the world, taking India's and our state's syncretic culture to global center-stage.

I would like to wish Hans India readers a cheerful New Year. Please do continue to love our theatre and bless us."

- Noor Baig, Playwright and Actress, Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation

"I want to be more active on social media because most people complain that I don't post anything on social media, I am not active and so on.

This year I want to post everything on social media. I also want in 2020 to gain more fitness. I want to be more fit in my programmes and I want to do more productions in my field."

-Yamini Reddy, classical dancer, a Kuchipudi exponent

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