Tell your family you love them

Tell your family you love them
Tell your family you love them

How often do you say, 'I love you' to your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. It sounds easy and obvious. How often do you tell your family that you...

How often do you say, "I love you" to your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. It sounds easy and obvious. How often do you tell your family that you love them? Now it sounds hard for most of us. Does not it?

Why we do not show our love to our family members? Most importantly, think about our parents, who raised us for years? Do you love them? Yes! Do you tell them? No! We think that telling is not important in family because it is understandable that we love them. Let us see how true it is.

Why it is important to tell them: Each of our thought, word and action either makes our breaks relationship. When we do not like something about our parents, we do not forget to complain. It is time to think whether we appreciate them enough for all the good things that they do for us. Why it is important?

When we show our love to family, it creates a layer of care around our loved ones. This layer protects our relationships when it comes to differences and misunderstanding. Our regular love and care makes that "Love Layer" strong.

What do you think how strong your Love Layer is? Do you often share love and do things for your family? If not yet, let them know now. It is like contributing to make a better family and a better world.

Why we should not Hide our Love: Everyone loves his family. However, everyone hide these feelings in the mind. We often found ourselves lack of word or time to express our love. Why?

Let us see another aspect. Do you keep quite when spot their faults?

Suppose, your brother broke crockery in the kitchen or your mother has forgotten to add salt in the dinner. You instantly react and complain about that. Now tell me, do you instantly appreciate as well?

You know that we do not think much before criticising them. Then, why to think a lot when there is the time to love them. Just imagine for a while your son or daughter come to you and says, "Love you mom" or "Love you dad". It sounds amazingly beautiful and you feel complete in this world.

Life is passing moment by moment. May be tomorrow, there will be no time left to express your love and care for them. Today is the time. Let them know. There must be some speciality of each of your family member. It is time to recognize and appreciate that. Let your brother know how good he is at sport. Say your sister that she cooks amazing. Besides that, let them know that you are lucky to have them.


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