The Unseen Amazing Decors Of Bollywood Actress Twinkle Khanna's Home

Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna
Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna

It's a dream of everyone to own a sea-facing home as it gives much peace and happiness looking at the flowing waters

It's a dream of everyone to own a sea-facing home as it gives much peace and happiness looking at the flowing waters… Be it in a sad situation or happy time, sitting near a window and looking at the water makes you lost in the thoughts!

Well, when you own a house, you just need to enhance it according to your taste… To make it unique in terms of decors, one needs to love their house to own it with heart. The same thing is done by our dear Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna…Looking at her house and the way she embossed her furnishings, will make us go awe…

Today, she shared a couple of un-seen glimpses of her home which made us go awe… The sea-side house of the beautiful couple Akshay Kumar and Twinkle just gave clues to all the décor lovers on how to make their house get a cosy appeal.

Twinkle dropped a couple of images of her bookshelf and indoor plants and showed us how finely she decorated her condo. The first image shows off a money plant growing in a wine glass on the table and the second one is the neatly arranged bookshelf which is enhanced with the money plant on the top shelf. Well, even the bygone typewriter and its beside jar made us stick our eyes to this image.

Alongside this image Twinkle also shared a few words: "The monsoon is getting ready to rain on my parade but I have a few green umbrellas ready. This is a new pursuit-Growing plants in water. All trial and error at this point, though money plant as we all know does well in water. Now trying out Mint, Rosemary and some Philodendrons. Give it a shot. Use up all your old bottles and jars. Yes, some of those on my shelf are recycled bottles that once held a precious liquid-Gin:) #BrownGirlWithAGreenThumb."

Through this post, she made us know the importance of indoor plants… She told that, along with the money plant, even mint, rosemary and Philodendrons indoor plants are added to her home in this monsoon season… These plants not only make us breathe fresh air but also boosts our mood with all the needed energy.

Well, this one is an old post but also stole our hearts with its décor beauty… This post showed off a bygone-style wooden table having 6 chairs and decorated with all the fresh pink flowers. These images show off Twinkle's interest in gardening!!!

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