Love Snowfall? Places to visit In India you can see Snow in January

Love Snowfall? Places to visit In India you can see Snow in January

India is full of natural treasures and it has more than something for every kind of a traveler.

India is full of natural treasures and it has more than something for every kind of a traveller. Due to the vast diversity in the location, it offers various options for a person to travel. In January, where most parts of the north experience winters, the south still blooms in summer conditions. If you want to experience snowfall or extreme winter then you might consider travelling in the northern region like Himachal, Uttarakhand or Kashmir.

India is not one of those countries that can boast many places that experience a good snowfall. Although there are a few good ones that'll easily put the very French Alps to shame.

Set among picturesque snow-capped mountains, most of these locales offer exquisite views along with varied adventurous lures like skiing, trekking, hiking, etc.

These places are home to high mountainous slopes which means high skiing gradients that give tough competition to various international ski destinations.

Making this a pretty good reason to appreciate the amazingly diverse terrain our beautiful homeland offers whose breath-taking scenery enhanced by snow wins every visitor's heart.

Visit these lively destinations that provide a rare mixture of thrill and tranquillity, making them a must for every traveler to visit.

Here's a list of the top 5 places to see snowfall in India right now in 2019.

Though the trips to these striking locales might be short, the time spent and experience gathered provides memories that last forever.

Pahalgam, Jammu, and Kashmir

If and when there's the talk of places to see Snowfall in India, one can never forget the devoted contribution of our very own "paradise on earth", Jammu and Kashmir.

Based quite far off from the bustle of cities, and perched at a height of 8,957 ft above the sea level, Pahalgam is one of the pristine winter attractions in the country.

Everything about this snowy miracle of nature is thrilling. This remote splendor boasts several snow-capped peaks, a riverside setting, icy, sub-zero weather conditions and the calming surrounding expanse.

The long treks along winding roads among the trees nestled within, provide one with a peacefully relaxing snowy-white escape away from the madness of the mainland.

Skiing is another exciting charming pull of this wintery hinterland.

Auli, Uttarakhand

Located at a height of around 3000 meters above sea level in the Chamoli district of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand, Auli is another famous skiing destination of India.

It has some of the most stunning slopes in the world that are ideal for winter skiing and is counted as the most preferred choice among professional skiers and adventure sports lovers from around the world.

The slopes of the mountains in Auli are scattered with a good amount of forest cover, which helps skiers by decreasing the speed of alarmingly chilled winds.

The best time for skiing here is between January to March.

Enthusiasts can enjoy skiing on the high slopes of Auli and experience the adventure of a lifetime or if you'd like to give your skiing skills a test or are just a beginner, then Auli is an ultimate stopover.

With a dip in temperature, the place comes alive like a dream sequence. Known as 'bugyal', in the local dialect, Auli is full of spectacular panoramic sights, from the greenery of the surrounding forest to the lofty towering peaks.

An adventure junky would never miss a chance to visit this place, as the skiing experience offered here is simply unrivaled.

Gulmarg, Jammu Kashmir

Counted among the most beautiful winter resorts of our country, Gulmarg is one of the more popular and choicest ski resorts during chilly winters.

Skiing can be enjoyed in the afternoons complete with an instructor, equipment, and gear.

There are no better places to see Snowfall in India that one could think of, other than Gulmarg. This blessed idyll can be easily accessed through the scenic landscape of Srinagar, the state capital.

Snowy peaks in the backdrop, chilly winds, flourishing assortment of blooming flowers and vast snow cover for skiing make any trip worthwhile.

A trip to Gulmarg is, however, considered incomplete without enjoying the special Kashmiri delicacies on offer and a visit to Alpathar Lake and Tangmarg – a beautiful tourist spot just a tad ahead.

Adventurers can also partake in breath-taking rides in the world's highest cable car or "Gondola" for a unique experience.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh


The charm of Manali never fades, among tourists even with multiple visits, despite it being one of the most thronged hill stations in India.

Its lush emerald pastures, crystal clear streams, and dancing rivulets snuggled amid the massive span of snow sloping hills and a pristine blue sky are just matchless.

With the onset of the cold months, the appeal only grows tenfold, offering tourists the choice of skiing and ice-skating alike.

Manali is situated at a distance of a couple of hundred kilometers to the north of Shimla and is nestled in the valley of the Beas river at a height of 2,050 meters above sea level.

Thoroughly clothed in the snow, this small town in Himachal looks absolutely gorgeous! Suitably providing adventure seekers tons of reasons and excuses to visit this beautiful hill station.

Although during the winter one will miss out on visiting the Rohtang Pass, the Solang valley makes up as an excellent alternative, where visitors can go skiing and pursue other winter sports.

Planning a trip to any place during the winter months is both thrilling and equally exciting. Something about the snug journeys makes for wonderful memories.

This glistening town in Uttarakhand is amongst the most preferred winter destination in the country and during the winters is one such choice if you want to enjoy the full chill aspect of the bitterly cold season.


Situated just 274 kilometres from the national capital Delhi, Nainital serves both as a quick and uplifting weekend escape and is also a rather popular getaway destination among couples, both young and old alike.

But the best time to visit is between December to January when the Nanda Devi (Parvat) Peak looks splendid in a godly white cover of snow and you can feel the biting cold in the breeze while mapping snow-covered trails and trekking routes.

A relaxing walk along the famous Naina Lake is also a must-do item to strike off your list covering the traditional tourist experience of Nainital.

Like many North Indian hill stations, Nainital receives a good amount of snowfall, making the snow-covered city look like a fairyland straight out of the books and if you are a couple on your honeymoon, there can be no better place than this!

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