KCR-Jagan set an example

KCR-Jagan set an example

It is unusual and surprising to everyone in the country and meeting of two chief minsters of Telugu speaking states for the sharing of excess river...

It is unusual and surprising to everyone in the country and meeting of two chief minsters of Telugu speaking states for the sharing of excess river waters for the long term perspective for the benefit of both states is highly laudable .

The importance of drinking and as for irrigation is well understood and is gaining importance in the present contest because of the un predicated rainfalls in the entire country and it is the need of the hour .

The importance of the meeting of both the CMs shows that both CMs are determined to do their best for the people of both states.

They have set an example how things can be sorted out without interventions of any kind of tribunal.

Earlier we have seen there was much dispute in interstate water sharing issue.

Most of the pending bifurcation issues were settled amicably this shows their sincere commitment for the people.

Lets us hope other chief ministers follow their footsteps in solving their interstate problems.

Kanagiri S Prasad, Hyderabad

TS, AP CMs should act fast

The In My Opinion "CMs meet kindle water hopes of TS, AP" (THI 29 June) by Ramu Sarma was timely as bonhomie between two CMs are going well even if it is for the sake of weakening TDP and Congress is indeed good for people of both states.

If the intention of the state Chief Ministers are honest and serious, the proposal should not remain in paper.

Once interstate river water issues allowed to be settled between two states without Centre poking their nose, such understanding would itself be like inter-linking of river.

Interestingly, in many official meetings including the one between KCR and Jagan on water utilisation, one gets to see bottled water being kept on table. We don't what happens to half consumed water of such bottles.

Will the leaders set an example to reduce wastage from such reckless use of bottled water. Similarly some days back it was announced that this years Khairatabad Ganesh is going to be bigger and which means others would also grow in size.

In the name of religion are we not narrowing down our natural river bodies.

Will the political leaders show the courage to make an appeal to scale down the use of rivers and river bodies for religious rituals Over exploitation of water bodies are also one of the many reasons we are unable to face water scarcity.

If we continue waste our water resources, no amount interlinking of rivers would solve our water water owes.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

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