MyVoice: Views of our readers - 10 Jan

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 10 Jan

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 10 Jan

Moral lessons in TS schools

Hats off to KCR for his decision to introduce moral lessons in the educational curriculum from next year. His decision is a wholesome step. He proved himself to be a futurologist. In view of the present conditions of the society this step is panacea for all societal evils. In the days of our childhood, there were moral oriented poems called Vemana Satakam, Bhaskara Satakam, Dasaradhi Satakam, Krishna Satakam, Bhartuhari Subhashitalu, Sumathi Satakam etc are a few in my memory.

The morals in the poems prove to be relevant to all times to the whole world regardless of religious doctrines. Now a days, such books are far from our sight. Further, in the days gone by there were lessons in Telugu subjects taken from Ramayana, Mahabharata etc which planted the seeds of differentiation of what is good and what is bad. Now such lessons are discarded as useless. I hope our AP govt also might adopt the same step for personality development of the future generations.

E Sreerama Murty, Yelamanchili

The Left is getting desperate

The reluctance of the police to act, the politics of what makes JNU, the fight between Left and Right have all dominated the national discourse. There is an outpour of sympathy and solidarity from across the country. Bollywood celebrities, college students, activists, and just regular people - all seem to be coming together to stand up for the voice of the students, for democracy and justice.

A silent India is watching the theatrics and violence of the protesters, that rabid communalism is often being passed off as secular resistance. It is this unwashed, 'vernac' mass which propelled Narendra Modi to fight a civilisational war for them. Why is it that our liberal sides with separatists and infiltrators but is so vocal against nationalism or Hindu concerns? It is no surprise that the grimmest war between the old Nehruvian establishment and the new nationalism under Modi is being fought on campuses. It is unfortunate that the Left, which has been almost wiped off India's face electorally, has invested so heavily on its last potent bastion, a handful of educational campuses like JNU and Calcutta's JU.

J Akshobhya, Bengaluru

New capital for AP welcome

Decentralising of AP administration by locating legislative capital at Amaravati, Executive capital at Vizag, Judicial capital at Kurnool is a great idea and a welcome move by AP government . Amaravati is not suitable for construction of high rise buildings and for offices because water level is near to the surface and it is a earthquake and flood prone area.

Choice of Amaravati by earlier TDP government is very meaningless and at the best to serve a few specific community people. TDP is trying to incite farmers to protest and now creating a law and order problem by attacking chief whip. All the people in AP must be vigilant and support the capital at locations for overall development of AP and should not be carried away by TDPs protests.

Sambasiva Rao Choda, Hyderabad

The Deepika drama

The film or that matter any other celebrity would generally go along with wind to get some extra media attention. The Hindi film Chhapak based on victim of acid attack starring Deepika Padukone is releasing on Friday and obviously the actor seems to see this right opportunity get some extra publicity similarly like stars of films like Accidental Prime Minister, Uri: The Surgical Strike, PM Narendra Modi. This time ignorant Deepika has got connected with wrong side by visiting JNU to show her solidarity with students. It is most unfortunate she has now become a victim of attack by right- wing sympathisers so much so that she being called anti-national. A BJP MP from south Delhi and other leaders have called for boycott her movie. Is there is any law in India that people should only stand by the party in power and not with others?. If she was clever she would have joined with actors who were seen in pro-CAA meeting in Mumbai and could have got patriot award and tax free as well.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

Iran's dangerous moves

The standoff in west Asia, between the US and Iran must not snowball into a global crisis of sort, with all possibilities of a Third World War, in the making. The 15 odd missiles fired by Iran on Iraqi bases, harbouring US troops, proved a damp squib as the US army took all needed pro-active measures, well before the missiles were fired, that definitely defines the aspect of a most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far. The ballistic missiles did little damage to the US troops in terms of causalities, but caused damage to some military hardware parked there.

It is time for Iran to give up the sabre rattling, not to view the US and Israel as its enemies. This will not hold water in the long term, in the prevailing global scenario or political equations that will prove injurious to Iran. The newfound, global antagonism against the Islamic terror, is gaining ground, in which Iran has an active role. There is a need for the country, to give up, reprehensive ways in achieving its ends by terror related activities. There are no two views about Qasem Soleimani, being a terrorist that the US wanted to reign in, for quite some time, under different leadership, but the decisive move was taken by the present incumbent. This must make Iran more sober, on the need to discontinue and desist from the trend, rather than becoming more resolute, calling for vengeance, by promoting new leadership in this direction.

Iran sought India's intervention in defusing the situation in the west Asia. The Opposition, on the other hand ridiculed the NDA government that the US did not consult India as it did the Chinese and Russians. Whether India was consulted or not, the Opposition must not play spoilsport at this crucial juncture, by needlessly raking up irrelevant and unimportant issues as it has been doing, ever since, the BJP led NDA government came to power at the Centre.

The irrepressible nuclear ambition that is being cultivated by Iran is not in the global interest. This will have similar connotations as Pakistan for the peace-loving world. India must be able to tell this truth to Iran, till Iran becomes a sober and matured country, without needlessly labelling any country as its professed enemies.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

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