MyVoice: Views of our readers - 7 Dec

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 7 Dec

MyVoice: Views of our readers - 7 Dec

TS cops, well done! But mere killings can't curb rapes

The encounter of the accused in the heinous rape and murder of the veterinarian has brought mixed responses from people across the country. People from Telangana are being found at cloud nine as soon as they heard the news of the encounter of the perpetrators of Disha.

Contrary to it, some of the pseudo liberalists have been trying to slander the police stating that it was a fake encounter performed against the human rights. It would have been a little more convincing and justifiable, if the accused had been brought out after the trial and executed in public. The Cyberabad police undoubtedly deserve accolades for cornering the perpetrators instantaneously and executing them timely.

A mere encounter is not a permanent solution for the increasing assault against women. The safety of women is being found at stake. A speedy justice should be accorded to the Nirbhaya 2012. The mercy petition of Nirbhaya rapists should be rejected at the earliest.

The rapists of the 23-year-old girl of Unnao district of Utter Pradesh also should not be spared. It is high time the government of India brought key constitutional amendments to provide capital punishment for rape that ruins the life of the victims and their kin.

The necessity of setting up fast-track trial courts to execute the criminals at the earliest so as to curtail the occurrence of such ghastly incidents in the future is quite mandatory.

The gruesome murder of the woman veterinarian has led to a widespread protest across the country. The recurring atrocities against women have left the young girls and women in great peril and panic while venturing out with palpitating heart.

This ghastly and macabre incident has turned the people across the country plaintive, mournful and flabbergasted. The miscreants of similar outrageous violence should be accorded timely and rigorous punishment. The proverb 'prevention is better than cure ' is quite relevant in this context.

Most of the culprits of similar heinous and ferocious offences are found between the ages of 20 and 30. This is quite sad, deplorable and mournful. Proper and stringent precautionary measures should be taken to nip these types of atrocities in the bud.

Widespread awareness campaigns and counselling sessions should be a part and parcel of every educational institution and proper helpline centres that can be accessible during the time of emergency should be established.

The adolescents and teenagers should be counselled about the necessity of developing a better outlook towards gender sensitisation. People from patriarchal family setup are still reluctant to accept the dignity of women.

Students of schools and colleges should be encouraged to develop a good rapport with their opposite genders. They should be discouraged from making derogatory comments against the opposite gender. The exposure of children to porn should be

Prabhakaran Vallath, Vatakara, Kerala.

Tiruchanoor Temple needs urgent govt attention

Goddess Sri Alimelu Mangamma, also fondly known as Sri Padmavathi Amma Vaaru, presiding deity of the ancient famous Tiruchanoor Temple, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh State in South India, has blessed us with very copious rains this year, to the water-starved temple town!

In fact, the huge assembly of devotees who witnessed this year's grand "Brahmotsavam Festival" celebrations during this auspicious month of "Karthika" have come from many parts of our country, many have come from abroad too.

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, popularly known as TTD, has managed the Karthika Brahmotsavam Festival arrangements well this time with more care and vigil and also by giving special attention to the comfortable darshan facilities to devotees.

However, those pilgrims who preferred to stay in the vicinity of this Amma Vaaru Temple during the entire session of the Brahmotsavam had no free or fair accommodation facilities; those who came as a batch/group and who were able to manage, stayed in marriage halls which are available around, by advance booking and also made their own cooking arrangements.

On enquiry, it is learnt that the private hall/choultry managements charge anywhere between Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per day roughly, to accommodate around 150-200 persons! This apart, water, electricity, bed arrangements, gas for cooking, food arrangements (provisions, vegetables, dining Assistance, cleaning & sundry) are all extra!

Crowd management too is becoming a herculean task owing to space shortage around the temple and its precincts, which are cramped and occupied by all sorts of vendors and shops.

Like in the Seven Hills Tirumala, here also it is most important to have more space around; but, the temple administration alone, now under the TTD's care, is unable to do much when the Tiruchanoor village area is under the local panchayat control. The panchayat may fear for revenue loss or for other local issues whatever it may!

It is the duty of the State government to act on this at this crucial juncture, especially when this temple has more or less equal religious importance and getting increasing patronage from lakhs and lakhs of pilgrims.

State authorities must immediately arrange to give TTD all powers and necessary clearance to have full control of the temple area for making any or all necessary amenities in the interest and welfare of peaceful and satisfactory conduct of future years' festival celebrations.

Free accommodation facilities with at least basic needs and comforts can be given in future if the TTD constructs pucca shelter guest houses for the stay of poor pilgrims during Brahmotsavam, close to the temple.

All this will go a long way in earnest appreciation of the present people-welfare oriented government under the popular leadership of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Last but not the least, both the State government and TTD are expected to explore all possibilities for saving the bountiful gift of rainwater first.

This is godsent divine shower, thanks to the Goddess! Water logging, drainage and sewage problems need far better management and frequent power interruptions also needs to be looked into with proper back up.

V Sathyanarayanan, Tiruchanoor, Chittoor dist, AP

Media vultures on prowl

The coverage of the brutal rape and killing of Disha, the unfortunate victim is leaving a lot to desire. The electronic media, especially many of the publicly aired television channels, private television channels and You-tubers are creating unsavoury videos that are hurting all especially the bereaved family.

The media circus has reached such enormous proportions that the girl's family has locked the house and are imploring people not to visit their home. The colony has been barricaded and is not allowing anyone even to enter their premises.

Electronic media has become insensitive; it telecasts gory pictures. They don't respect privacy. Delicate conversation between two sisters is aired ad nauseam. In the race for TRPs and viewership, TV channels are rushing to the crime scene and are merrily recapping it.

In many cases, they are talking to witnesses even before the police do. What is the guarantee that these media people don't contaminate the crime scene?

Also equally horrifying is the type of questioning that they indulge in. Ni one is spared. Neither the victim's family nor the families of the accused. The families of the accused are asked insensitive questions like "What punishment do you think your son deserves?".

This type of media hounding should stop. The government of India should bring in legislations to rein in these media houses who take any and every opportunity to garner eyeballs and increase television ratings.

Dr M Anil Ramesh, Secunderabad

Kudos to Telangana police!

Telangana police have created history. Encountering the rapists and killers of Disha is a brave decision. Though Disha's death is an irreparable loss, the bravery act gave much relief to her family. The entire nation is celebrating the justice done to Disha.

Crime against women has become a staple element of everyday news. I wonder why some highly educated activists

are talking against the encounter. What have they done in Nirbhayas case? The case is still pending.

Haven't they saw Nirbhaya's parents who are eagerly waiting for justice? Had their loved ones faced the same humiliation, would they talk in the same manner? Common now... Tit for tat.

My heart bleeds when I think of Disha, the humiliation and agony she has undergone. Commissioner of Police Sajjanar did the right thing. The law has to be revised. Fast track courts have to be introduced in this kind of incidents. Justice given should be impartial too.

My message to all girls and women out there is, please be more vigilant. Don't believe strangers offering help. They act smart, don't fall prey to them. Be aware of your surroundings.

Trust your instincts. If you sense someone stalking you, don't panic, immediately call the police. We women have the right to feel safe and be safe. Don't let the fear swallow you at any moment.

Be bold and strong. If you land in any unthinkable instances, emerge as "Mahishasuramardini". Don't let yourself down. Once again, hats off to Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and the Telangana police.

Sripriya Choda, Hyderabad

English education will open up new world for the oppressed

The theory of Manu had led to the creation of various communities including Mala, Madiga, Kammari, Kummari, Shala, Chakali, Golla and Kuruma and so on.

It means, SCs, STs and BCs (Sudras - of course, except Brahmans, Vyshyas, and Kshatriyas, all are Sudras) are kept away from education, on the ground that they are born to serve the upper caste people. And, thus, they prepared these suppressed people to live in slavery for thousands of years.

Now, the so called intellectuals from the same layer are also trying to discourage the governments not to introduce English medium education for all these suppressed sections, because their hidden agenda is that the suppressed people must not be given any access to such English medium education, because English medium is the secret of social justice, world knowledge, and what not, every progress in one's life.

Instead of directly stopping the governments not to implement the policy of English medium in government schools, to avoid the wrath of the majority people, they are trying to hinder the governments on the pretext of culture and language.

Of course, as they say, culture is important, and one's mother tongue is also important. But whose culture it is? And, whose language it is? And, who are responsible for the protection the culture, the language? Is the protection of culture and language only the responsibility of SCs, STs, and BCs?

If so, then, what is the responsibility the sections that have been years together happily enjoying the fruits of education called English medium. The arguments on the protection of language and culture is only deception of people, who never think of sending their children to Telugu medium schools.

So, I request everyone to try to understand the significance of English language and encourage English medium education, because it is the language that gives us the world exposure, through which the suppressed people of this country would get social justice.

Dr Venkat Avula, Hyderabad

Indian democracy: myths and realities

When it comes to the question of democracy, every political party and leaders speak like they are its ardent followers. Several remarks are made against the Opposition parties by the Central government.

They claim that expect themselves, several national and regional parties practice dynastic politics. Well, in one way that is true, but how is the present government different than the previous ones when it comes to upholding the democratic values.

If not for the SC judgement, Maharashtra could have witnessed another Karnataka like situation, which still might be possible in the future.

The party which has given a leader who stepped down as the Prime Minister just because he could not gain the support of one person to reach the majority mark, has become totally different today in terms of democratic values.

Misusing the powers/position of the Governor did happen in the previous governments, but if the same trend is continued by everyone, where's the difference? Though many people might term it as 'Chanakya Neeti', it can simply be called toying with opinion of people.

Today, along with Judiciary, Executive, Legislature and Media have also become the pillars of democracy. No one knows who pays for the "resort time" which has become very common after elections.

If questioned about this, showing what different governments, parties have done in the past is not an answer. If people elect someone out of the wide range of choices given to them, it shows that people believe those particular leaders/parties to be different than the others.

Political parties should respect the mandate and concentrate on good governance instead of resorting to unfair trade practices and poaching of elected representatives.

When such issues surround them, some people might think democracy is a myth. No. In the world's largest democracy, it can't be myth. Democracy is a reality in India. But there's a difference between actual reality and virtual reality.

Bagam Viswamithra, Hyderabad

New liquor policy of AP opens up a can of worms

Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, who got the Chief Minister's chair in Andhra Pradesh after a fight with legendary politicians is all set to make his mark by implementing the welfare schemes as well as rules and regulations that he had promised to the people during his election campaign.

The new liquor policy of complete prohibition of liquor consumption in the State that was implemented by the AP government, with effect from October 1, 2019, was one such promise during his padayatra. Although being implemented in a phased manner, we need to appreciate the Chief Minister's move to achieve his vision of complete prohibition of alcohol by 2024.

But the liquor policy does have some clauses that may lead to adverse consequences in the State.

Apart from taking over the liquor sales in the State, the AP government also announced the levy of Additional Retail Excise Tax (ARET) on the sale of alcohol from October 1, 2019. This move comes at a time when the Jagan Mohan Reddy government has taken control of nearly 3,500 liquor shops in the State.

The additional tax will be levied on the price of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL), Foreign liquor, beer, wine and other ready-to-drink varieties come with a flat rate per bottle. The customers will now have to pay an additional Rs 250 on the price of 750 ml liquor bottles.

While demand during the festive season provided a temporary boost to the industry, the move has resulted in a slowdown in the sale of liquor in the State year on year – the sales of liquor is down by 25 per cent and that of beer have plummeted by a massive 54 per cent in the month of November, in comparison to the corresponding period in 2018.

The timings for consumption and sale of alcohol have been reduced as well. The timings have changed from 10 am to 10 pm to 11 am to 8 pm. Moreover, the government has also decided to discontinue the provision of permit rooms at retail outlets.

The policy may prove a burden to both consumers as well as distributors due to the increase in prices. But this is the least of all worries. The important aspect of the policy that has started to impact the society more is the closure of the permit rooms.

Although the intention was to regulate alcohol consumption, it may lead to some adverse effects.

The 'No Permit Room' policy has resulted in a multitude of negative repercussions, including the consumption of alcohol in public places leading to social disharmony, consumers shifting from beer (which has a low ABV) to beverages with high alcohol content, among others.

This has also led to a huge corruption chain with depot managers who are taking advantage of this situation to make certain demands from companies to stock their brands in the outlets. To counter this, Jagan launched a citizen's help centre, to register complaints of bribery in government offices to make AP a corruption-free State.

The Jagan government also tried to cancel all bar licenses and issued a new bar policy which will come into effect on January 1, 2020 and will be in force for two years.

However, this move has now been questioned by the High Court after the bar owners moved the court against the new bar policy. The High Court has imposed a six-month stay on this suspension with the next hearing to be held on December 23, 2019.

Even though the AP government has been working towards total prohibition in a phased manner, Jagan should first look at ironing out internal discrepancies and devising steps to put an end to corruption as promised during his padayatra before imposing laws that could be the reason for major downfall for the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Srinivas Gundoju, Andhra Pradesh

Navasakam survey is halfway even as deadline nears

The Andhra Pradesh government is kind enough in conferring a blanket schedule from November 20 to December 9 for Navasakam survey to be routed through ward-wise volunteers and the timeline stands very swift to touch.

However, many prospective beneficiaries who aspire to subscribe to the innumerable wings of subsidy including rice cards are yet to confront any enumerator at their threshold.

This could be because it is maiden job for a few groups and whatever the reason, the anguish persists among the people about whether they would enrol or not in spite of their eligibility criteria.

In order to approach either in person or any mode of communication, there is no clue generated so far with regard to point of contact, place of gathering, location of availability of the volunteers and even no mobile numbers referred at least in the respective ward offices.

The case of shortlisting and further claiming for enrolment could be different. However, the enumeration should be reviewed on utmost priority in the interest of the general public who are worried now as reports say that nearly 80 lakh survey job has already been completed.

M Janardhan Rao, Vijayawada

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