MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th November 2022

MyVoice: Views of our readers 4th January 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 4th January 2023


This is with reference to the article 'Western media's anti India bias.

Let's rely on ourselves

This is with reference to the article 'Western media's anti India bias.' It is time we stopped worrying what either the West or the rest of the world is saying about us. We must be more confident of ourselves and not bother too much what others are saying either as individuals or as a nation. The writer makes too much of an Australian supporting us in our efforts as a democracy. There will be dozens of others who would give equally or more valid reasons supporting their point of view. Only when we are unsure of ourselves do we depend on the approval of others.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

Playing for a win

Cricket is a team game where performance is the name of the game. English team showed their professional approach to pave way for the second successive World cup win. They played to a plan from the moment the team won the toss and chose to bowl first. The captaincy was outstanding and the bowlers performed to the expectations. English batting was somewhat rusty but Ben Stokes took the mantle as a senior pro and did his best like in the last edition. Kudos to English team.

C K Ramani, Ghaziabad

The T20 world cup final match between Pakistan and England held at Melbourne on November 13 was played totally tensionless, spiritless and carelessly as setting a little target of 137/8 by Pakistan and chasing by England by losing five wickets are not worthy enough to discuss. Complete series by all teams showed fairly poor display by batters, bowlers and fielders except some sparkling performance in all crafts by a few team members. There was only one century made by Rossouw of South Africa out of 12 participant teams. Most of the rated best batters bowed their heads before bowlers. Cricket fans in our country were disappointed to a greater extent by Rohit Sharma also because of his poor captaincy and poorer batting in the entire series.

N Siva Krishna Prasad, Hyderabad

Be wary of Dragon's duplicity

Chinese President Xi Jinping has instructed PLA to be ready to fight and win wars. This again clearly shows that Beijing will not shy away from using its military to achieve its political-strategic objectives. It is also possible that since Xi has now reiterated his authority over the party-state system, Beijing will make overtures to New Delhi. But India should continue to stick to its stance that it cannot be business as usual unless Beijing drops its aggressive posture and restores status quo ante at LAC. New Delhi must remain wary of Chinese moves and continue enhancing coordination with partners such as fellow Quad members. The ongoing Malabar naval exercise off the coast of Japan is a good example of such coordination.

N Sadhasiva Reddy, Bengaluru

Rein in rocketing realty prices

It's time that we come up with real estate policies as we are now witnessing a housing crisis in all the developed countries. The 2023 recession is almost here and it's getting extremely difficult for the new generation to afford homes. The price to buy an apartment in Hitec city, Hyderabad, costs Rs 3cr - Rs 5cr and in cities like Banglore, it goes up to Rs 10 cr. The situation is getting worse for the younger generation to afford places with prices of real estate skyrocketing. Now with India growing as a superpower, we will be having more companies and more people who will be migrating so it's important for the government to keep the real estate market in check, if not we might face a severe housing crisis in the near future as worse as any developed country now because of our population.

Shravani Mudhiraj, Hyderabad

Retd Justices must keep off public offices

The assertion given by the recently retired Chief Justice of India Justice UU Lalit is a highly disappointing and immature one and has once again exposed the adhesion between the Judiciary and government. Holding the top judicial post in the nation, one has to always remain impartial and should assure the dignity and admiration of the judiciary above all. But exhibiting his love for craving the chairmanship of NHRC, Lokpal or any other commission, he has again raised the issue of independent functioning of the judiciary. Earlier also the retired Chief Justice of India Tarun Gogoi had accepted the Rajya Sabha membership by violating the convention of not taking up any commitment by the retd Judicial head. This must be ended at any cost to further save the judiciary from the clutches of government.

Dr Navneet Seth, Dhuri (Pb)

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