MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd November 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th December 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 24th December 2021


On Sunday, Indian Navy’s firepower got a major boost with the induction of INS Visakhapatnam, one of the four stealth guided-missile destroyer ships under Project 15B, at the Western Naval Command in Mumbai.

A proud moment for India

On Sunday, Indian Navy's firepower got a major boost with the induction of INS Visakhapatnam, one of the four stealth guided-missile destroyer ships under Project 15B, at the Western Naval Command in Mumbai. The indigenously built INS Visakhapatnam will be seen as another Atmanirbhar success story in the field of defence manufacturing. It will reaffirm India's presence amongst an elite group of countries with the capability to design and build advanced warships.

Shivesh Patidar, Ujjain

Leaders must make their cadres exercise restraint

I is high time that the former CM and the present CM get to meet in a cordial environment and agree to rein in their respective leaders to exercise restraint and give no scope hereafter to utter anything derogatory or something leading to character assassination. This way, both of them will earn respect from the already annoyed people who are helplessly watching their leaders crossing their limits. Social media cannot be reined in but let us begin the cleansing operation in mainstream media which may have a cascading effect on the users of social media. This applies to Telangana media also which is inching closer to AP if not matching it exactly.

D Nagarjuna, Hyderabad

Media needs to focus on pressing issues of people

Recent torrential rains devastated the entire shrine city of Tirupati and other surrounding districts disturbing the dwellers and dwelling residences and standing crops in a manner that the recovery to normalcy is not expected in near future. Nature's calamity cannot be foreseen even in an age of science and technological advancement. Print media headlines should be shifted to other pages instead of focusing on vituperative and uncultured language of elected representatives almost every day on front pages and it should address importantly immediate measures being initiated to rescue the hapless and homeless people and restoration of transport routes so that their close ones staying elsewhere will get a sigh of relief without missing the news.

N Ramalakshmi, Secunderabad

PM's concerns on crypto currencies justified

The Prime Minister's concern on possible misuse of crypto currency, as expressed in his inaugural address at Sydney dialogue is not unfounded. In the era of digital transactions, one country cannot isolate completely itself, like China, and get benefitted from the world around that uses crypto currency as medium of trade in a big way. But at the same time allowing it freely may cost country's economy dearly with its volatility and being free from sovereign control. So there must be central bank's regulation over it to oversee the in and out movements of the real money through this enigmatic medium. Meanwhile, the people should be cautioned regarding the true nature of crypto currency and the risks involved.

Dr DVG Sankararao, Vizianagaram

Arrogance, temerity no signs of good leadership

It is dangerous on the part of Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao to put on the airs of being unbeatable, akin to West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, to perpetually antagonise the Centre on every issue concerning Telangana State, on an irrational argument that the TS was achieved as a separate state after 10 years of struggle, and they know how to face the Centre. This is too childish, and immature notion to entertain by a CM, which will help him fall further, in goodwill and admiration of people of Telangana. Arrogance and temerity are no solutions to meaningful governance. Such an attitude on the part of KCR will make the Opposition strong in the State that is definitely not to the liking of the CM.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

Parties must not lose sight of what people need

In the wake of recent election results in AP for municipalities, panchayats and corporations, TDP must know the voters are educated and they cannot be bluffed. Voters are watching the creation of hurdles to the implementation of welfare and development programmes by the YSRCP government. TDP from now onwards must take the role of a responsible opposition and help the government in improving the welfare and development activities further to win the hearts of voters. Though YSRCP won seats to a large extent here and there, they also lost a few seats, particularly Darsi. They must analyse and improve their performance further in order to win 2024 Assembly and Parliament elections.

Sambasiva Rao Choda, Hyderabad

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