MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th December 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th December 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th December 2020


According to the Brexit deal signed between the UK and the EU, UK nationals won’t have unrestricted freedom to work, study, start a business or live in the EU any longer and vice versa


Brexit deal and India

According to the Brexit deal signed between the UK and the EU, UK nationals won't have unrestricted freedom to work, study, start a business or live in the EU any longer and vice versa. However, both the UK and the EU have traffic-free and quota-free access to each other's market. The deal has profound implications for UK's economy.

However, India is likely to benefit a lot from this deal. The deal is beneficial to India for several reasons. One, Indian exporters who were catering to the EU and UK markets will not have to meet different standards and registrations for the markets. Two, in sectors such as IT, R&D, architecture and financial services India may gain in both the markets. Three, Brexit will certainly have a favourable impact on the business footprint of UK firms in India. Four, it opens opportunity for India to sign trade deals separately with both the EU and the UK. Five, it gives India an opportunity to show that it is not protectionist as much as forward-looking when it comes to trade, technology and investment. Six, the Indian industrial firms will be allowed to treat the UK as their investment gateway to Europe. Seven, being more of an importing country than an exporting nation, the overall effect may turn out positive for India. Eight, it might give a boost to trade ties between India and the UK. Nine, fall in the prices of commodities like crude will help India save a lot on its import bill. Ten, considering that the fees may be low, more Indian students can afford to study in Britain. In short, India may be a net gainer from the Brexit deal between the EU and the UK.

Venu G S, Kollam

Economic growth is imperative

Apropos, news report "Listen to our 'Mann Ki Baat' too: Farmers", The Hans India, December 28. As the government and farmers' representatives prepare for another round of negotiations this week, there's one thing that can be said with certainty. The apprehension about the consequences of change through reform is rooted in the feeling among farmers that alternatives are bound to be worse. Yet, anecdotal evidence from across India shows that farmers are clearly dissatisfied with the current situation. The apprehension should be seen as a symptom of a larger failing in India's economic trajectory, something that makes many resistant to change and simultaneously dissatisfied with the present.

A revealing statistic on the possible roots of this angst is the performance of India's manufacturing sector. It contributed 17% of India's annual output last year. Around a decade ago, its contribution was roughly the same. For millions of young with limited skills, looking to move out of the struggling farm sector, opportunities have been limited. In the absence of opportunity, there is fear of change even if most agree status quo is untenable. India's disappointing economic performance over the last decade has made the political challenge of economic reforms tougher. In response to this challenge, governments are prone to revert to populist measures that sow the seeds of further trouble.

Economic growth is the antidote to many of our challenges. We need to prioritise it.

N Sadhasiva Reddy, Bengaluru

Youth deserve better

Today the government is doing a wonderful job by providing a lot of benefits, welfare schemes, subsidies to the farmers. The Union government and State government have given a top priority for the welfare of farmers. Time to time governments have transferred the amount in the farmers bank account. It means that farmers are getting so many benefits than educated youth.

The youth are not against the benefits that are provided to the farmers but educated youths are angry because no government has taken the initiative to provide jobs or unemployment allowances. It shows that Kisan is in a much better position than educated youth. The time has come when the Union government and state government should take cognizance and give priority to the educated youth as well as Kisan welfare by providing government jobs, unemployment allowance.

There is a need to chalk out the long term plan for the educated youth by providing jobs, allowances, subsidies on transport, and abolish competitive exam fees to all graduates. Union government and State government should give the monthly unemployment allowance of Rs.5,000 to all the graduates and transfer the amount directly in their bank accounts.

We hope the government would start to think about the educated youths and give them economic independence by providing jobs and allowances to usher their dreams in the future of life.

Syed Nisar Mehdi, Hyderabad

BJP, beware!

Tamil Nadu's ruling AIADMK asserting that Edappadi K Palaniswami will be the chief ministerial face of the alliance for the 2021 Assembly elections while ruling out any chance of a coalition government must come as a jolt to the BJP. The AIADMK launched a veiled attack on the saffron party by alleging that a few national parties are trying to "discredit" the 50-year rule by Dravidian parties. The BJP which is toying with the idea of a coalition government in Tamil Nadu would do well to revisit its strategy.

N J Ravi Chander, Bengaluru

Kerala's name tarnished

It is really shocking that in an incident of alleged 'honour killing' a young man was killed by his wife's relatives in Kerala and what makes it hard to believe is that this horrendous crime has occurred in a state known for its high literacy and progressive nature. A similar incident had occurred a year ago in the state which always boasts of gender and social equality and best known for its political and social consciousness

What makes more shocking is that Kerala is the birth place of one of the greatest reformists our nation has ever seen- Sree Narayana Gurudev , who sacrificed his whole life for the upliftment of the downtrodden and was the one who put an end to casteism and communalism during the early period of last century and paved way for a highly literate ,enlightened and progressive society which later became a role model for the whole nation .

Such shameful incidents sadly tarnish the good repute of the state and it's people whose progressive thinking and the passion for universal literacy and robust public health and enlightening education always earned wide praise as the Kerala model of development to the whole world.

The Kerala model of tolerant co-existence is one that is looked for by the other states and it is high time the politically conscious leaders, the writers and thinkers and the people of the state come forward and uproot the weeds of caste, religion , creed and erase the stigma of social inequality and maintain the proud status of Kerala known for its splendid social equality and harmony

M Pradyu, Kannur

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