MyVoice: Views of our readers 7th February 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 7th February 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 7th February 2020

Sexual violence against women on rise

The rulers of India have created an atmosphere of such hate that their followers have actually implemented their slogans. The three terrorist acts of shooting at the protest sites are a direct result of the public exhortation by the Minister of State for Finance, Anurag Thakur, to "shoot the traitors".

Two of the shooters are directly related to the ideology of the Sangh Parivar, which is clear from the numerous reports of their posts on social media platforms. The BJP is making much of the police report that in the third incident, the shooter was a member of AAP. The Election Commission has slammed the police officer who gave a statement with "political connotations" and has removed him from election duty.

But in spite of all their efforts, they have been unable to prove that the shooter was anything other than an ordinary member, if that, not an activist and not in any of the AAP committees. Did the police check whether he was earlier a member of the BJP? Equally horrifying were the speeches and statements of Parvesh Verma, twice banned for his communal speeches by the Election Commission.

He virtually labelled the entire community as rapists saying they would break into homes to rape women. Where and how did the issue of rape come up in relation to Shaheen Bagh? It is a peaceful protest of women. They have spent nights in the cold but never has there been a single complaint of sexual harassment.

So what was the perverted mindset that made a quantum leap from a women's protest to the charge that it would lead to rape? What is the impact of such speeches on women and particularly, young women? Sexual violence against women has seen a huge increase in India. Delhi, in particular, has become one of the most unsafe places for women.

It is a deliberate lie and an indirect defence of rapists, to create public opinion that the criminals belong to one specific community or that women are in danger of men belonging to a specific community. Such outrageous statements trivialize the horror faced by victims of rape. They also seek to divide women and their common goal of safety and security.

In fact, for women in Delhi, one of the main issues is the increased violence against women and children. But this is not an election issue for those who care two hoots for women's concerns.

Rama Devi Pamula, Hyderabad

Hang Nirbhaya rapists as early as possible

The delay in punishing Nirbhaya convicts and postponement of hanging of the culprits clearly shows the signs of weak judiciary system. Common people are gradually losing confidence in the judicial system of India.

As the procedure is becoming delayed, culprits clearly search the ways of escaping from law and punishment and allowing them to file President's mercy petition at this context is also meaningless considering the intensity of the heinous act.

Now Indian judicial system is at mockery, the government should give maximum permissible punishment to the culprits immediately without any further delay so that the punishment should become a lesson to the persons who wish to commit crimes of same sort. As old saying goes: 'Justice delayed is justice denied'.

M Veereswara Rao, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

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