Women feel stressed during lockdown

Women feel stressed during lockdown

Women feel stressed during lockdown


The challenging, tough, troublesome and turbulent times being faced by homemakers are numerous

The challenging, tough, troublesome and turbulent times being faced by homemakers are numerous. Most of the married womenfolk to get on the family and to support their hubbies financially to some extent are employed in various positions at different locations and are focussing their restless attention on respective fields to fulfill the needs of hubbies, children and employers.

This tribe is always on heels and wheels especially during this geometrically surging corona pandemic.

Morning breakfast, noon lunch box, keeping drinking water filled bottle, handing over the bike keys and helmet to husbands becomes a regular, routine and mandatory affair. Thanks expressed by children to corona madam for suspending school going and promoting them to next higher classes without taking examinations.

But the educational institutions are compelling teachers to conduct online classes daily. Then next imminent immediate job is alerting children to take online classes for which 4G Android smartphones or laptops with high speed internet facility are purchased with half salary or no salary.

Many parents and teachers do not hesitate to say that these virtual classes cannot be a useful substitute to class room teaching where face to face interaction, eye contact, gestures between the teacher and taught, question-answer session through which learning will reach to mind circuits and this mode proved to be very effective and convergent.

Children are often confused and get convinced with the topics explained. All existing conventional and traditional practices of school/college going, using libraries, taking lunch together and playground activities are all vanished due to current critical novel coronavirus.

How to improve skills, reskills and upskills in children as wished by Prime Minister Narendra Modi without infrastructure and laboratories? Let us pray for the death of Covid-19 and restart all educational institutions with rejuvenated vigour and vim.

Though educational institutions are closed for students, the teaching fraternity are obliged to travel to working places by hook or crook for attending to additional works besides conducting webinars and write reports.

In this most critical juncture, heads of the institutions are passing instructions now and then for writing articles in reputed and recognised journals in their specialised subjects and also enrollment for doing Ph.D. to meet the UGC guidelines. It is not as easy as pouring advices and suggestions.

Women attending to many in-house works and at outside working areas are undergoing several struggles and strains. Riding by resting two legs on two horses with only one bridle is burdensome and dangerous. In order to lead a comfortable life atleast in future times, these hurdles have to be entertained with earthly patience leaving whatever the outcome is.

N S L Gowthami, Hyderabad

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