Vivechana Conclave: Alliance School of Law Explores Legal Aspects of India's Sports Sector

Vivechana Conclave: Alliance School of Law Explores Legal Aspects of Indias Sports Sector

The Alliance School of Law, in collaboration with the office of Career Advancement and Networking successfully hosted its annual flagship event, "Vivechana," in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru: The Alliance School of Law, in collaboration with the office of Career Advancement and Networking successfully hosted its annual flagship event, "Vivechana," in Bengaluru. This year's theme, "The New Era of Sports in India," brought together prominent figures from the legal community, academia, and the sports industry to explore the evolving legal landscape within this dynamic field.

The one-day conclave attracted a diverse audience of legal professionals, athletes, gaming enthusiasts, and students’ eager to gain insights into the legal intricacies of sports in India. The event commenced with a welcoming address by Dr. Shyam Kishore, Dean-Alliance School of Law, who highlighted the growing significance of sports law, evidenced by the enthusiastic participation of 40 teams from across India.

Pro-Chancellor of Alliance University Abhay G Chebbi emphasized the need to recognize sports as a multifaceted field with unique legal requirements. He stressed the importance of athletes understanding their rights and responsibilities both on and off the field, while also acknowledging the lack of a unified governing body for sports in India. Chebbi further addressed the rapidly growing esports industry, estimated at $2 billion, and its impact on the legal landscape.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of Incubation and Innovation and Dean of Alliance School of Business, Dr. Ray Titus delivered an inspiring inaugural address, drawing parallels between sports and personal development. He spoke of the transformative power of sports in fostering discipline, self-awareness, and social cohesion.

The event's highlight was an address by the chief guest Arjun Devaiah Theethamada, National Sprint Champion and International Athlete. Devaiah offered valuable insights into the prospects of the new era of sports in India, emphasizing the importance of mindset shifts towards pursuing sports as a professional career. He advocated for sports as a crucial life skill and underscored the ethical implications of performance-enhancing drugs. He concluded by urging citizens to understand their fundamental rights and advocate for improved sports education in schools.

The 9th volume (issue 1) of the International Journal of Law and Social Sciences (IJLS) was formally launched during the event. IJLS, published by the School of Law, Alliance University, Bengaluru, is an open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed journal. It provides a platform for scholarly contributions in the realm of legal education and research, as well as allied social sciences.

The first panel, focused on "India's Bid for the 2036 Olympics," featured a distinguished lineup of speakers. Among them were Santosh Vikram Singh, Session Partner at Fox Mandal and Associates, known for his expertise in sports law and strategic counsel. Joining him was Manuja Veerappa, an esteemed Sports Writer and Assistant Editor at the Times of India, renowned for her insightful coverage of sporting events and issues. Rounding out the panel was Ankit Suri, AGM Legal and Strategy at ITW Global, offering valuable perspectives on the strategic and legal aspects of major sporting events.

The second panel delved into the burgeoning field of "Esports in India: Future, Prospects, Regulation." This informative session featured notable industry figures, including Arjun Sadhanand Prabhu, Partner and Head of Technology and Telecom at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas. With his expertise in technology law, Prabhu provided valuable insights into the legal intricacies of the esports landscape. Also joining the discussion was Zerah Gonsalves, Co-founder of GG Space, offering unique perspectives from the forefront of the esports industry. Both the panels were moderated by Dr Mukul Saxena, Director- Alliance Centre for Leadership and Public Policy.

The event served as a valuable platform for raising awareness and educating the public about the evolving legal landscape of sports in India. However, for Alliance University, the impact goes beyond this event.

As Surekha Shetty, Senior Director of the Office of CAN at Alliance University concludes, "The Office of CAN fosters partnerships through MoUs, mentorship, and diverse events. Vivechana, our annual legal conclave (03rd edition), focused on the legal aspects of India's sports industry, collaborating with experts to underscore governance and ethics. This initiative not only enhances students' career prospects but also shapes policies, raises awareness, and connects them with thought leaders, preparing them for future roles. The Alliance Legal Conclave's impressive track record in promoting good governance within the Indian Sports Industry aligns with its overarching objective of fostering dialogues and policies to enhance job quality for students' future roles."

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