Young entrepreneurs set up electric vehicle charging points in Bengaluru

Young entrepreneurs set up electric vehicle charging points in Bengaluru

Young entrepreneurs set up electric vehicle charging points in Bengaluru


  • Kirana owners/hosts can set the pricing, track utilization and electricity consumption and can install a Kirana Charzer for Rs 10,000/-
  • IoT Enabled: EV users will be able to locate these charging stations, book a slot, pay and operate from the Charzer app.
  • A user can charge any electric scooter, three-wheeler and four-wheeler, A revenue share on charging in the Charzer network (80% for Kirana owners and 20% for the company)

With growing environmental concerns, electric vehicles (EV) are now in focus more than ever before. However, the infrastructural gaps like the lack of extensive charging stations is one of the major hurdles in the way of faster adoption of EVs.

Bengaluru based Kirana Charzer was started with an aim to address this problem. Founded by Dheeraj Reddy, Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal and Yugraj Shukla, Charzer is the single app for public EV charging. Any individual can host their charging station on the Charzer app to provide public EV charging and earn money through their charging station.

Electric vehicle owners will be able to locate these charging stations, reserve, pay and operate them from the Charzer app. Kirana Charzer is a compact IoT enabled charging station that can be installed by small shops, restaurants, homeowners, offices, PGs enabling their owners to earn an additional source of income.

Talking to The Hans India, Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, co-founder, Charzer, stated that 2,500 charging stations will be set up across the state capital in the next 12 months and 80,000 charging stations over the next three years.

Elated over the response, Jaiswal said, "We launched Charzer platform and Kirana Charzer at MOVE 2020 held at Excel, London on 12 February where we were invited as speakers. Since then, the response has been tremendous. The public has rallied behind us and the first batch of 200 Kirana Charzers sold out within 20 days. We have a waiting list for 2000+ Kirana Charzers from 64 cities across 20 states in India including tier 1,2 and 3 cities."

"We have been able to make charging stations an accessible concept to masses. Kirana Charzer has become a category-defining product since the launch. It has germinated the thought in the minds of people from all spectrums of society that they can sustainably set up a charging station and earn additional income. People are excited to own the petrol pumps of the future," he said.

Speaking about the revenue sharing model, Jaiswal explained "Kirana store owners and any retail establishment on the road can purchase Kirana Charzer from us to set up in their stores. These Kirana Charzers are then listed on our Charzer app.

It's a hassle free and automatic solution for store owners. They need not be present at the location or interact with the customers as everything is taken care of by the app. EV owners can discover, reserve, pay for and operate public EV charging stations through the app and we take 20% of every transaction that happens. 80% of the revenue is shared with the host."

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