Hyderabad: A golden message on Covid safety

A golden message on Covid safety

A golden message on Covid safety


A city craftsman makes miniature versions of golden kite, silver mask

Hyderabad: Ahead of 'Makara Sankranti', a man here has used gold and silver to craft miniature versions of a kite and face mask to mark the occasion.

"Every year, I create miniature silver or gold kite and 'manjha' to offer to Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati after the festival. Kite and 'manjha' weigh 2.58 grams," Anand Reddy, the craftsman told ANI. Kite-flying is a major attraction of the festival and people usually take out kites in varying colours to celebrate.The gold kite is a realistic portrayal of real kite, complete with string and holder for the string--all in gold. The mask is a miniature replica, that has become the norm during the Covid pandemic, used to check the virus

Reddy said: "This year, due to the ongoing coronavirus, I have also created a miniature face mask out of silver to create public awareness." He urged people to follow Covid-19 guidelines and help the country in getting rid of the pandemic. "Everyone must put on face masks and maintain social distance," he added.

Apart from being a craftsman, Reddy runs a fast food shop near Charminar and puts up a kite stall every year.

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