Hyderabad: Anti-Modi hoarding evokes mixed reactions from citizens

Hyderabad: Anti-Modi hoarding evokes mixed reactions from citizens

  • Some say the hoarding highlights the suffering caused due to policies brought by Modi Govt
  • Few say that the hoarding is disrespecting our own Prime Minister

Hyderabad: Reacting to a flex hoarding at Tivoli X roads in Secunderabad with messages 'Saalu Modi & Samphako Modi, Bye Bye Modi' few citizens decided not to welcome Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the city citing several reasons and a few also said that the hoarding was disrespecting India's Prime Minister.

Ahead of Prime Minister's visit to the city for a national executive meeting and public meeting at Secunderabad Parade Grounds, the hoarding 'Bye Bye Modi' image went viral on social media on Wednesday morning forcing the police department to immediately remove it as the anti-PM Narendra Modi message could result in tension in the area.

Few residents of the area spoke to The Hans India and shared their opinion on this hoarding that was highlighting and questioning PM Narendra Modi on six announcements and decisions he took written in the Telugu language. The hoarding states:

You killed farmers by bringing farm laws

♦ Brought four years of contract employment leaving youth in distress

♦ Killed many poor by imposing an unplanned lockdown

♦ Sold government stakes in the public sector companies and made employees come on roads

♦ Where are Rs 15 lakh promised to deposit in bank accounts of every Indian by bringing black money from foreign banks

♦ You broke the backbone of the common man by bringing demonetisation

Manish Reddy, a shop owner who regularly passes through Tivoli X roads stopped at the traffic signal and spotted the 'Bye Bye Modi' hoarding and laughed. Manish said, "Whoever put up this hoarding is 100 per cent correct as it was highlighting the major issues being faced by the people of India. Even PM Modi must see this hoarding as he passes through the same route to address the public meeting at Parade Grounds on July 3."

Another commuter, Yogesh Singh felt that the hoarding 'Bye Bye Modi' is disrespecting our own Prime Minister. It is one of the duties of every Indian to respect the country's Prime Minister, said Singh.

A 24-year-old engineer Joshua Joseph said that while PM Narendra Modi is visiting our city everyone here in the city must read this hoarding and remind our PM that these are all his wrong decision and policies that resulted in a big failure as there are still thousands of engineers like me who are still unemployed.

However, the Hyderabad City Police personnel along with workers rushed to the spot and removed the flex on Wednesday morning.

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