Hyderabad: Dump yard issue dogs Jalpally Municipality

Dump yard issue dogs Jalpally Municipality

Dump yard issue dogs Jalpally Municipality 


Not satisfied even with the second location, Civic officials seek to change it with suitable and sufficient space

Rajendranagar: The Jalpally municipality is not so lucky when it comes to its own dumpyard, unlike neighbouring civic bodies like Shamshabad and Tukkuguda, where the government lands were specifically allocated for dumping garbage collected from the respective areas.

Now, the second identified location on the trot too, it appears, won't go well with officials who wrote a letter to the Balapur MRO seeking a suitable area with sufficient space for setting up a dumpyard.

Spread over an area of 30 sqkm with a mixed population of around 80,374 (as per 2011 Census), the municipality was carved out in 2016 merging areas such as Jalpally, Balapur, Kothapet and Pahadi Shareef, with around 23,961 families. However, dumping of garbage remains a daunting task for the authorities due to want of a proper and suitable place.

Soon after changing the earlier location at Sultanpur, after considering objection of local people, the second spot was allotted at Ravirala, in Maheshwaram, on the Jalpally-Tukkuguda border. A team of officials also visited the spot to check its feasibility. However, this too was found impracticable later by them. They argued that neither the place is within the area of operation nor the one acre of allotted land is sufficient enough to carry out multi-tasking work of garbage management.

Kranthi Kumar, Manager Jalpally Municipality, said "divided into 28 municipal wards, this urban local body generates around 4-6 tonnes of garbage every day. There are nearly 80 members of the sanitary team. The land identified at Ravirala is almost 20 km away from the main area from where vehicles source the trash. The one acre allotted land with 20 ft stretch on the main road too make it more congested to transport garbage, as no driver will be willing to cart away the garbage with a gripe of fuel expenditure."

He explained that "to cart away the trash", he said, "we have a fleet of 16 vehicles, including 12 autos and four tractors, besides a sewer machine and a newly purchased JCB. However, for a hassle-free garbage management system, the municipality needs a feasible and practicable space for setting up a dumpyard with a multi-tasking mechanism. Hence, we wrote a letter to higher officials seeking a suitable place with sufficient space.

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