Hyderabad: Over 100 lakes damaged in city

Over 100 lakes damaged in city

Over 100 lakes damaged in city


  • The recent rain fury affected 110 water bodies out of 192
  • 14 lakes have developed breaches; 6 are in critical stages
  • 27 tanks’ sluice gates have been damaged; 32 bunds damaged
  • Weirs of 31 water bodies hard hit;
  • Rs 984.50 lakh fund needed for emergency repairs

Hyderabad: The recently unleashed flood fury has left a catastrophic impact over the water bodies in the city and surrounding areas wherein 110 out of 192 lakes and ponds received 'severe' to 'mild' damages while some are still at high risk of receiving a similar fate if not repaired immediately.

According to a report being prepared by Irrigation & CAD Department (Irrigation & Command Area Development), following the whirlwind inspections by the flood management groups post deluge, there are 192 water bodies located in GHMC and HMDA limits. Of which Corporation holds under its purview, a total of 185 water resources, while the remaining are under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Authority.

It is said that out of 192 tanks, a total of 14 have developed breaches while another six are in critical stages. In 27 tanks damage was caused to their sluice, bunds at 32 places while weirs have received damages in 31 water bodies.

Among the 14 water bodies – that received breaches due to recent floods include Brahmana Kunta, Brahman Cheruvu, Appa Cheruvu, Palle Cheruvu, Mamidla Kunta, Erra Kunta and Gurrum Cheruvu.

The six water bodies found to have been in critical condition are Pedda Cheruvu at Meerpet, Bageerathamma Cheruvu at Puppalguda, Kotha Kunta at Miyapur, Mamidla Kunta at Gaganpahad, Shahhatam Talaab and Ananthagani Kunta at Shaikpet. According to the report there are six lakes and ponds in and around the city that were crammed with fresh water but pose no significant threat so far are Bum Ruknud Dowla at Shivrampally, Miralam Lake, Sulaman Nagar Cheruvu, Premavathipet Cheruvu, Pathikunta Cheruvu and Neknampur Cheruvu.

Out of 185 water bodies only Rajendranagar circle carries a total of 20 lakes and ponds that include Mir Alam Tank, Pathi Kunta, Brahman Kunta, Brahman Cheruvu, Mamidla Kunta, Marshabai Kunta, Noor Mohammad Kunta, Suleman Cheruvu, Bulbul Kunta, Erra kunta, Pale Cheruvu, Palle Cheruvu, Bum Ruknud Dowla, NIRD Lake, NIRD RTP 1 Lake, NIRD RTP 2 Lake, Talla Kunta, Malka Cheruvu, Mulagurd Lake (Agriculture University), Appa Cheruvu.

It is said that I&CAD Department has constituted 15 teams consisting of Irrigation engineers, GHMC and HMDA officials. These teams have inspected all the water bodies following the October 13 deluge that saw several colonies inundated after the lakes and ponds at several locations developed breaches.

Following the inspections, the officials prepared a report covering the damages to the lakes and the funds immediately needed to take up repair and restoration works. While classifying the task into two - 'emergency works' and 'permanent works', the report seeks Rs. 984.50 lakhs for emergency repairs and 3,164.00 Lakhs for permanent works.

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