Nazi-style propaganda by BJP-TRS-MIM: Congress

Nazi-style propaganda by BJP-TRS-MIM: Congress

Nazi-style propaganda by BJP-TRS-MIM: Congress


  • PM enacted drama, Shah insulted city, flays Uttam Kumar
  • TPCC president launches scathing attack on the BJP leaders
  • BJP, MIM, TRS spreading hatred, avoid debate on real issues

Hyderabad: Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President & MP N Uttam Kumar Reddy on Sunday strongly condemned TRS, BJP and MIM for using GHMC election campaign to instill fear and spread hatred among people instead of debating real issues. On the last day of GHMC election campaign on Sunday, Uttam Kumar Reddy addressed a series of road shows across Hyderabad and also addressed a press conference at Gandhi Bhavan.

Uttam Kumar Reddy described the GHMC campaign as the 'worst ever campaign for a municipal elections' which, he said, witnessed Nazi-style propaganda carried out by TRS-BJP-MIM to suppress real public issues. In "Mein Kampf," Hitler wrote that propaganda "must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. "In GHMC polls, CM KCR spearheaded the hate campaign by making remarks that "Hyderabad did not face any communal riots" in the last six years. He created an artificial scare in the minds of common people of a possible communal rift. BJP and MIM then joined the chorus with communal statements. Allegations and counter-allegations were made for a week with TRS, BJP and TRS leaders capturing almost the entire media space. KCR concluded the campaign with the threat "If you don't vote for TRS, the city will lose its peace," he said.

Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the people should look at the sequence of statements by the TRS, BJP and MIM leaders to understand the reality. They instilled fear among Hyderabadis either to discourage them from participating in elections or vote in their favour, he said adding that it was highly unfortunate that the mainstream media gave too much prominence to those speeches.

The TPCC chief said that the BJP leaders insulted the history, culture and people of Hyderabad. He said if BJP leaders were so certain of KCR's corruption, then why their government at the Centre was not ordering a probe using CBI or other Central agencies. "Who is Yogi Adityanath, a Karnataka MP or even Bandi Sanjay to promise that they will change the name of Hyderabad? They are all outsiders and have nothing to do with my city. How dare Bandi Sanjay use terminology like surgical strike against Old City of Hyderabad where I was born" he asked.

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