PUBG goes; Players totally dejected

PUBG goes; Players totally dejected

PUBG goes; Players totally dejected


A huge win for parents in the battle royale. But, what about similar games?

Hyderabad: As the news of PUBG being banned spread across the city, social media handles went into an overdrive with PUB G players expressing disappointment. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Information and Technology banned PUBG game and the multiplayer game stopped working. Murtuza Ali, a player of PUBG, said, "In the evening I was unable to load the game and only a little later did my friends inform me about the ban. We are teriibly disappointed ," he added. He said that playing game was his routine, every day during evening hours he used to play PUBG with his friends, and sudden banned of game had disappointed them.

Mohammed Fahad, an intermediate student, said he started playing the game during lockdown and later he became a regular player. "Educational institutions were closed due to coronavirus and now after online classes I used to play the game with my classmates. Now there is nothing to do," he lamented.

In the meanwtime, parents are happy. "He used to do every work while playing that game, whether it is drinking water or having food every time. he used to stick to his phone and had a severe headache but he don't leave playing. And now the game has banned and hope no other similar game comes," said Syed Azeem.

Dr Purnima Nagaraja, a mental health professional and therapist, Dhrithi Wellness Clinic, said, "Banning a game is not a good idea, if not PUBG, other new game would come up. Now what we should do towards children is to limit their screen time and to be able to express some level of self-control rather than banding something. It is going to be a temporary detox to children who are completely hook up to it but it can lead to a lot of behavioral problems and mental health issues." Now it is time parents started taking counseling and learnt to calm their children, as the addiction in any form has a psychological effect.

"I believe that if not a PUBG, it is a matter of time before some other game comes in and everyone is again hooked up to it; so, I think parents of young children should allow limited time for playing such games. They should spend more quality time with them so it will not affect their mental health," she added.

Afshan Jabeen, a clinical psychologist and founder-director of Ripples Center of Enhanced Learning, said, " It is the high time that it got banned. It is pretty addictive to the extent of making children lose sense of direction and focus. According to me, it is equivalent to a drug. This game was very much misused and it became a craze. In future, any such game must not come. But if it at all comes, it should be allowed to be played for a limited time."


According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the mobile game has been banned along with the other Apps under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, on grounds that "they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order"

PUBG is not just about Addiction now; It's about EGO, Anger, and Pride for Most of our Youngsters. Many of us Judge others by they play PUBG or Not just kidding them that they are not active or they are not up to the date. Sometimes it becomes Issue of Pride which starts form Chicken Dinner (Winning the Match) to How big Level you have, What is your RP?, What is Your Rank in World?, What is your KD ratio? and so on Causing the Stress and Anger in Children's at a very small age. (


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