Elephants trigger panic in Thukivakam village

Three male elephants spotted at Thukivakam area under Renigunta mandal, just 2 kms away from Tiruchanur on Wednesday.

Three male elephants spotted at Thukivakam area under Renigunta mandal, just 2 kms away from Tiruchanur on Wednesday. 


  • Forest officials assure of taking concrete steps to prevent tusker menace in the area
  • Spotted earlier in Gajulamandayam, same three elephants roam in Thukivakam village now, which is close to Tiruchanur and Tirupati

Tirupati: Three male elephants were spotted on Wednesday straying in the Thukivakam panchayat village under Renigunta mandal in the outskirts of Tirupati. Roaming of these elephants has triggered panic among the residents of the area.

Earlier, two times in last 45 days, same elephants were spotted in Gajulamandyam and its surrounding areas. Residdents of Gajulamandyam and its adjacent areas demanded driving away of elephants but police and forest officials did not take any concreate measures as same elephants now roam freely in another residentials area. Areas where elephants were spotted are Ramakrishna Nagar, Vasundara Nagar and Thukivakam near Yerramreddypalem which is just 2 km away from Tiruchanur and 4km away from Tirupati. Both Tiruchanur and Tirupati are pilgrim centers where pilgrims visit round the clock.

The three jumbos, according to CC camera footage, were straying since 1.30am on Wednesday in Thukivakam area. Locals stayed in the house till police and forest officials reached the spot.

The police and forest officials joint efforts made the locals to heave a sigh of relief. But, locals particularly from Gajulamandyam and surrounding areas demanded the forest officials to make them free from tusker menace which was earlier confined to Kuppam forest area and now slowly spread up to Madanapalli, Palamaneru and Tirupati.

Speaking to The Hans India, East DFO Narendiran said elephants usually stray all along Western ghat corridor and elephants straying near Tirupati is common as the area is adjacent to Western ghat. Elephants come from forests to residentials areas for drinking water in summers also.

"People should stay away least 100 metre away from the wild elephants after noticing them. They do not harm anyone until disturbed," he added.

DFO assured that forest department will take concrete measures to prevent tusker menace in the area.

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