Take even mild symptoms seriously: Covid warrior

Take even mild symptoms seriously: Covid warrior

Take even mild symptoms seriously: Covid warrior


Covid-19 need not be feared. But what is required is timely detection and treatment

Tirupati: Covid-19 need not be feared. But what is required is timely detection and treatment. People out of fear and several doubts they have about the stigma they may face do not seek timely medical help which leads to serious condition says Adimulam Sekhar, a 47 year old person who had successfully fought against Covid-19.

He developed certain symptoms like fever and he mistook it to be typhoid and delayed medical intervention. This resulted in medical complications and he had to battle for life for 14 days before he could heave a sigh of relief.

Following initial symptoms, he got his blood tested and reports indicated that he was having typhoid and he used medication for that only but could not get any relief from cough and breathlessness. After three days, he underwent RT-PCR test and CT-scan and tested positive for Covid. By that time, the infection had reached his lungs.

When he was unable to walk even for a few steps as his infection score was 20 out of 25, he reached a private hospital in Tirupati and was on oxygen support for almost ten days. He said it was care that was given by the doctors, nurses and other staff which helped him to recover from the deadly disease.

Speaking to The Hans India, he said that one should not neglect any small symptoms of coronavirus and should go for testing immediately. This can save lives easily. He felt that doctors and nurses are well equipped now both in terms of infrastructure and treatment protocols. By adopting the set procedures they can easily bring the patients out of danger provided the treatment starts early.

He said that patients should not panic for anything and should have a strong determination that they will come out of the hospital safely and happily. During the hospital stay, the other patients in the ward were seen helping each other in the hours of need. Recalling his experience, he said that when he could not control his non-stop cough one midnight, another woman patient had brought hot water to him twice with which he got much relief.

"I have seen my mother in that lady and thanked her with folded hands when she was discharging. I can remember her throughout my life. In the same breath another old man has shown fatherly affection towards me and offered fruits many times. Such gestures will make a huge impact on our minds when we are isolated alone from our near and dear", Sekhar maintained.

At any cost there should be no room for panic as the doctors have enough experience by now and can cure the disease, he added.

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