Tirupati: Yoga helps in building immunity to overcome diseases

Covid patients practicing yoga at Sri Padmavathi Nilayam Covid care centre in Tirupati

Covid patients practicing yoga at Sri Padmavathi Nilayam Covid care centre in Tirupati


  • Proper caution is needed for doing yoga in pre-Covid, during the treatment and post-Covid stages
  • Covid infected people should do yoga under expert guidance only

Tirupati: Yoga plays a major role in maintaining physical and mental fitness. It has become helpful for Covid patients too in their path to recovery and during the post-Covid period also. Those practicing yoga for a long time have been saying that either they were not Covid infected or come out without much complications after being tested positive.

Secretary of Yoga Association of Chittoor District (YACD) S Sreenivasulu Naidu said that the benefits of yoga have been realised by many people with the increasing awareness over the years and they have been experiencing the fruits of it. Yoga plays a crucial role in keeping good health and fitness and provides mental peace also.

"I have been training the Covid patients on yoga sanas at Sri Padmavathi Nilayam Covid Care Centre where it has become a daily routine during the first wave as well as in the second wave. So far thousands of patients have practiced yoga there itself and gave positive feedback that it has immensely helped them in the recovery process," he maintained.

Those having yoga as their daily routine can do all their regular asanas as they wish which will help them in combating weakness and build immunity. But for Covid infected, some care must be there in doing yoga. They have to do it in a more sensible way so that they should not get tired. Similarly, during the post-Covid also, people have to do it under the guidance of experts only, who can tell them which asanas or to be done and which could not be done. YouTube videos may not be helpful at this stage.

For instance, some pranayama practices like Kapalabhati, Bhastrika etc., are to be done fast and taking short breaths which may increase pressure on lungs and blood pressure may also go up. These types of practices are not advisable during post-Covid which can be good during pre-Covid. For the Covid patients undergoing treatment at Covid care centre, they can start with 'Om chanting' which activates all cells from navel to above.

The other asanas also are aimed at bringing in more elasticity to various parts of the body by activating them which have become rigid. These will also help them in the internal body which provides good sleep and rest to them. Small bending exercises, Linga mudra etc., also can be done. This will provide them psychologically too with which they recover well.

Though yoga plays a vital role in pre-Covid, during Covid and post-Covid, proper guidance is necessary for those infected with the Covid as they should not do all yoga asanas. Proper care must be ensured in doing yoga for such people to avoid any further complications, he underlined.

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